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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joe, Aug 20, 2000.

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    i've had an orchard bank credit card. i still have the same limit $1000.00. It's cycled a statement for 6 months now going on seven and I haven't seen the first increase. Always under limit, no late pays, no ret'd checks. I have called them and all they say is that it will be reviewed close to the end of the first year. they are beginning to aggravate me. seems they want to offer credit increase when it is convenient for them. i wonder when they will come around and raise my limit.?? Any experience from others on this board???
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    I have a orchard bank card since feb 2000 with a 300.00 limit haven't received an increase either will cancell this account before feb 2001 it's not worth keeping considering the annual fee is 59.00
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    Most creditors will not review accounts for credit line increases until 6-12 months after the account is opened.

    My experience with Orchard is that after the first year, you can expect regular credit line increases. I have had Orchard cards since 1994 and I have noticed that my accounts are now reviewed every three months.
    I have never been passed over for an increase on either account.

    Card #1 Opened 1994. Current limit $4,450.
    Card #2 Opened 12/98. C/L $300. Current limit is $1,600.

    Payment record on these accounts has been perfect. No lates or over-the-limit.

    If you are patient Orchard will be good to you. Recently, they waived annual fees on both accounts and lowered the interest rate at my request.

    Although I now have prime cards, I am keeping my Orchard cards because I really like this bank. Customer service is excellent and Orchard is reasonable about resolving merchant disputes.

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