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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bea, Apr 4, 2001.

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    A while ago I posted after pulling my Fico score of 613 about applying for Citibank Advantage account. Well, I finally got the nerve to do that. On 03/31/01 I received the usual response "unable to process at this time you will be notified in 7-10 days. I called on 04/03 and spoke with a rep and he told me that the application had been denied. He said it was because I had over 20,000.00 in credit and that I was maxed out. He also said that I did not list any bank reference. Silly me. I told him that the 20,000 listed as revolving credit was a Home Equity loan and that I do have a checking and savings account. He updated my application and said that I should receive a different response in 7-10 days. What do you think about this? Has this ever happened to anyone and they receive the card?? I have been really working hard to get a prime account and this was very frustrating so I took my frustations out and applied for a Target card. I received immediate approval with a 200.00 limit. I then applied for a Dress Barn account and was approved with a 300.00 limit. I don't understand the irony of this. Sorry for the long post but, I had to vent a little.

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