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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Sep 25, 2000.

  1. Killer

    Killer Guest

    Right now my credit is very damaged (I'm working on it...so far I gotten 3 collection accounts deleted, acquired 3 sub-prime cards and a car loan...yippeee!)

    But I need a computer! This is a neccesity and not a luxury! I located a deal at the following web page. Please go there and tell me what you think. I have already tried Gateway and was declined. Remember my credit is not good.

  2. TommyC

    TommyC Guest

    Hi Killer,
    I read the computer deal from Affinity and unless, you can't qualify otherwise for a better deal elsewhere, I personally don't think Affinity's offer is good, even as a means of last resort.
    I'm using my webtv at the moment because I'm getting dressed to go to class, so I'm taking advantage of the wireless keyboard and my monstrous 27" Sony TV (monitor) as I read the postings.
    About three weeks ago, I applied for a Gateway computer and was approved. I called Gateway at 1-800-846-4208 and asked about their "90 days, same as cash" plan and in about 15 minutes, I had an instant approval. My credit is not the best following an accident two years ago and two charge offs and two collections on my credit reports, so I was more than surprised, when I got the approval.
    My Gateway computer is set up on my desk and it came with one year of free aol service. Since discovering this board about two or three months ago, I have taken my credit more seriously and consolidated my student loans and working towards taking care of the charge offs and collections.
    For about $2,600.00, the computer Affinity is alleging offering would have to come with a 1GigHZ Pentium III processor, 256 MB Ram, 60 MB Hard drive, DVD/CD-writer and a 21" Flat Screen monitor, but in all liklihood, what Affinity is offering is a mid-range computer (500-600 Mhz) and some hefty finance charges.
    The only thing to keep in mind Killer, if you do give Gateway a call, is that I found out from the sales rep. that they use three subprime lenders and one prime lender, so, if you go with Gateway, you can expect at least three inquiries to result from your anticipated approval with them. Let's us all know, how you made out. Best wishes, TommyC
  3. Killer

    Killer Guest

    Tommy thanks for replying.

    I was aware that Gateway uses three lenders. I called them and asked which of three was easiest. The rep told me Hurley State Bank was the easiest of the sub-prime lenders. So I called Hurley and applied directly to them, avoiding 3 hits on my CR. Well Hurley gave me an instant over-the-phone denial! As a result, there is no use in continuing to pursue Gateway.

    Go to the following and you will see the specs on the Affinity DELL offer (this is the same offer). Let me know if your opinion changes.

  4. jen

    jen Well-Known Member

    Who did you get your auto loan from?
  5. TommyC

    TommyC Guest

    Hi Killer,
    Those specifications for the Dell computer are quite nice actually, but I have a hard time accepting the price Allegro Capital is charging (about $ 2,600.00) for a multi-media computer, that generally retails for about $1,600.00.
    I didn't even think about calling Hurley Bank personally, because I didn't think my credit was adequate enough and that's what I explained to the Gateway representative. So, you've got me wondering now, how much of a role, did the Gateway rep. play in getting me approved. I don't know for sure, if I got hit for three inquiries, because nothing has showed up on my credit report yet.
    Hey Killer, I know that those of us on the road to repairing our credit, pay a heavy price in excessive fees and finance charges, but can you deal with three years of $96.00 a month payments? As bad as my credit is, Allegra Capital, would have to throw in a visa or mastercard or something, to make the deal for me, worthwhile.
    I don't know what your free time is like, but I know of several people that I work with, who got part-time jobs at Best Buy (electronics store) and were given Best Buy store cards and now they have computers, financed with their Best Buy store cards. It's just a thought. All things considered Killer, a good deal, is only a good deal, to the individual benefiting directly from the deal. To me, it is difficult to give you my opinion without some bias, because I am still in the "honeymoon state" of enjoying a computer that I got with no money down and intend to pay off within 90 days, to avoid the high interest charges. So, my advice to you Killer, is to follow your heart and let us all know the outcome, okay? Peace, TommyC
  6. Killer

    Killer Guest

    Wells Fargo.....if you contact one of the banking branches they dont know that their company has auto financing for damaged credit! Try looking in the phone boook or calling directory assistance. Ask for Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance. They have offices in many parts of the country.
  7. Killer

    Killer Guest


    Thanks for your great advice. I am going to coontinue to explore other options. You have made me think! I dont know if I want to take on those payments now that you mention it. I just made my third car payment and its a 4 year deal. I am determined not ever miss or be late with a payment on anything! I want my good credit back! I will let you know what decision I make. Thanks Again!

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