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    I have been reading a lot on this board and would like to know how many cards should I have if I am re-establishing my credit. I have approximately 9 letters out to creditors , C.R.A.'s, and collections companies (for the purpose of cleaning up). I am going at my repair from all angles. In addition, I just got a providian card. I already have a cap one( 2years), target(1 year 2 mos., good student loan, unsecured orchard(1yr. 2mos.), gym membership (paid off), closed dept. store. I have 6 or 8 good entries on my reports, depending on which report. And depending on which report I have between 4 and 10 bad marks. Experian has 10 and Trans Union has 4. Should I just apply for credit which uses Trans??? Should I get more secured credit cards??? I don't need or want a new car. How can I increase my good credit marks. As I said before I am disputing the bad ones already. I know the more cards you have the lower your score is. So what should I do to improve the good marks??? Any suggestions?? And how bad is it to have this many bad marks?? I know a year and a half ago I tried to rent an apartment but they wouldn't because the report they used (at the time) said 9 out of 13 were bad. Luckily, I had someone who was willing to co-sign for me. And I applied for the chevron card and was denied ( credit builders card also). My income is 27k and I am a 3/4 time student. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    The idea that the more cards you have the worse you are is only partially true. On the flip side you do need credit with both length and depth.

    I would keep all of your accounts open, and paid until these items start either dropping off, or getting much older! When you do start closing them close about 1 every 3 months, but try and replace it with a better card.

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