What fax service to use in place of CMRRR?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by flipdiva, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. flipdiva

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    I would like to use jam237's method of submitting my disputes via fax to the CRA/CA/OC and wanted to know if any online fax services can be used for this purpose? My main concern is that most online fax services will send you an email confirmation of the successfully transmitted fax and show it in your list of sent faxes, but they don't provide the traditional Fax Confirmation page /transmission report that comes from a physical fax machine-- the one having part of the first page faxed.

    Can anyone comment whether the traditional fax confirmation page is required if dispute efforts result in taking the CRA/CA to court? The online fax services provide the following details: full document, date, time, success/fail, # of pages.

    Any guidance/referrals are appreciated!
  2. jam237

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    The key is that it is still a 3rd party confirmation of receipt of the fax. :)

    Not too many individuals have a full fax machine at home, although some may have access to a full fax machine at work (if they're allowed usage for personal purposes). But like a fax machine at a business or retail location such as a pharmacy, office store, etc. The main thing is that you can show that they received something and at the time and date that it was received.

    I have used jfax, efax, and myfax, each very successfully and equally well. (And nothing like being able to type up a 1 page dispute letter, and fax it off on the run.)
  3. flipdiva

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    Thank you very much for the confirmation, jam!

    I have been hemmin' & hawin' about this specific topic for some months while getting organized and I'm ready to go now that the address/name/phone deletions have gone through!

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