What is a 30 days letter?!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by emmiesays, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Hi, i was wondering if you guys receive your new Macy's American Express card? I just have the regular Macy's credit card, not the Macy's American Express card. I applied online like 2 weeks ago and they told me they will send me a 30 days letter. I don't know why, do you think I got decline for it? Have any one of you guys got this problem when you were applying for the new Macy's American Express card?


    I'm a elite Macy's credit card holder.

    Everyday I check my mailbox just to see if I receive that letter. I hope I will not get decline for it but I got a feeling that I got deny for the new Macy's American Express card, when they told me that I have to wait until I receive the 30 days letter from them to see if I get approve or not.

    I understand that if someone don't get approve they normally send them a 14 days letter telling them so. But mine happen to be 30 days, why is it?

    There is no annual fee for the Macy's American Express card which is pretty nice thing to have. My husband have the regular American Express card and yes we do get the annual charge for it.
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    I really wouldn't worry too much at this point. From what you're telling us, it just sounds like they give themselves 30 days to process your application for the new Amex credit card.

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