What is the best airline credit card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Logan Abbott, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Logan Abbott

    Logan Abbott Well-Known Member

    Calling all forum members!

    I don't see much chatter about miles cards in this forum, so I'm curious to hear from members which airline credit cards they've had the best experience with in the past or present. I know the quality of the card can be contingent on the airline it's partnered up with, but has anyone in here been able to score free flights, discount airfare or companion tickets w/ their miles card of choice?

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet we recently posted an Infographic comparing airline miles cards - it's worth taking a look at if you're in the market for a travel card.

    Thanks and looking forward to any and all responses. -Jason
  2. Heather L

    Heather L Well-Known Member

    I currently don't have an airline miles credit card. I think my credit is almost high enough to apply for one. The comparison chart is very helpful. I wouldn't have any thought to even ask about some of the sections on the chart. Thanks! Heather with BoostMyScore.NET
  3. Logan Abbott

    Logan Abbott Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked it. It really depends on whether or not you want a co-branded card, or the cards that offer flexible bonus points like Chase Sapphire or Capital One Venture. But you bring up a good point - these cards are generally reserved for consumers with good-to-excellent credit.
  4. jmc912

    jmc912 Well-Known Member

    I currently have the US Air card (I think with Barclay's)... I signed up for it because upon sign-up I got 40,500 bonus miles (after you use it one time). You also get companion passes every year (Buy 1 ticket at full price and bring 1 or 2 people with you for $99). That being said, I don't use the card often enough to rack up the points. I have another rewards card that I charge everything to. I didn't do much research on airline cards before I got this one. It was a spur of the moment thing, although I have excellent credit and they only gave me a limit of $1,000. I would think Delta has a pretty good card, I think they have perks also and possibly free bags!
  5. Logan Abbott

    Logan Abbott Well-Known Member

    Thanks jmc912. I actually like that card a lot, but don't travel often on US Airways. Similarly, Barclays is now offering a competitor card to the Chase Sapphire and Capital One Venture cards. It's called the Barclaycard World Arrival Card and it's also offering 40,000 bonus miles ($400) when you hit their signup bonus. I like these types of airline cards since they allow for more flexible miles redemption (as opposed to one airline), but that's a personal preference.

    Here's a blog I wrote comparing the two World cards: Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard Review: To Pay - Or Not To Pay - The Annual Fee
  6. jmc912

    jmc912 Well-Known Member

    Jason, I don't travel often on US Airways either... but hey, I probably would if the flight would be free haha! I usually prefer Delta. That's good info about the Barclay World card, I had never heard of it! I definitely like that it's more flexible as not all airlines fly into every airport. Great blog though. Unfortunately, the US Air card didn't waive the annual fee for the first year. However, I only had to make 1 purchase (of any amount) to get the 40,000 bonus miles.

    I primarily use a reward card from Navy Federal Credit Union. They have an awesome points rewards system and you can use the points for virtually everything. I like it so far, and no annual fee so that's always a bonus!
  7. Logan Abbott

    Logan Abbott Well-Known Member

    Great info - thanks for sharing! And yeah annual fees can be a bummer if you don't use the card much, but they're probably most worthwhile on the airline credit cards since the savings essentially wipe out the annual fee costs.

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