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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by chriscraft, Aug 6, 2001.

  1. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    I am stunned. Apparently, my efforts to clean up my credit, guided by you folks of course, are starting to pay off. I actually managed to get myself approved for a Chevron gas card today. This after my being denied the Chevron Credit Builders Program just three short months ago. I guess my Equifax score now isn't quite as bad as I had thought, since they opened a regular account for me. Admittedly, the initial $300 credit limit isn't that great, but considering I was expecting either a flat-out denial from them or to get the restricted Credit Builders card, I am very pleased and excited. The additional inquiry it cost me was definitely worth it.

    For those who are wondering, I don't know what my Beacon score is, but right now I have 15 positive accounts (many of which are less than a year old), two small unpaid collection accounts ($133 and $383), a discharged Chapter 7 bankruptcy from 1993, and 22 hard inquiries over the past two years (3 of which are within the past 6 months). The new accounts supervisor who opened the account for me couldn't tell me my score, but she said it was pretty good. Whatever that means. I am really curious what it is.

    Anyways, I just thought I'd share with you the new and thank all of you very much for helping me get this far.
  2. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    hey chris, congrats!

    How is your potential lawsuit, going?

    I know how you feel I am being reconsidered for Citibank, I got my new EQ report and have no collections or charge offs so maybe this time, I will get lucky.

  3. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    Hey, Cypri! Thanks for the kind thoughts.
    (BTW, I got your email, just haven't had the time to respond in detail. I will soon, I promise!)

    As to my potential lawsuit, I have prepared a draft form complaint which I will be using on Equifax and Trans Union. I am debating as to whether to actually file it with the court, or just serve them with it along with my settlement letter. I know Lizardking said they caved in upon receiving the suit, and I don't know if I actually need to file it to get their attention. What do you think?

    I hope your renewed application with Citibank goes well. Sounds to me like you should get approved. My thoughts are with you! Keep me informed.

    Talk with you soon. :)
  4. SisterGirl

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    At last you have received the mighty Chevron card(LOL);they usually start with a $300.00 cl(mine started like this back in 98 & have only had 1 increase to $600.00).

    My first Gas card was Exxon in 93($200.00 cl-now $1500.00 cl)& Texaco in 98($200.00 cl--now $1,000).

    Sister Girl
  5. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Right back at ya, Chris!

    I think you should use your firm's letterhead and the send it to them of course with your bar id number and all, make it as official as possible. My thinking is that they will be more apt to take a practicing attorney more seriously because there a personal repercussions if a lawyer files a frivilous lawsuit. So right there I do believe they would be more willing to pay attention even before you filed suit, if you have to. At Experian,i simply told legal department that I am going to be an attorney and I am going over report to make sure it is accurate for when I applied to the bar and if I need to file suit against Experian to clear my name, I was ready to file and I told her how the bar would not look to kindly on my filing a frivilous , so this is serious business and I am willing to take it as far as I can. After that, i have not had any problems and she is personally resolving all my issues and now I only have 1 real negative and the other two are being removed. All of which is true, now I am going to have apply the same pressure on TU although I believe my real problem is with the affiliate.

    Anyway good luck, Chris!

    (I understand I know you are busy. I am dreading those hours when its my turn)

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