What min. Score for Any CITI Card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MartysGirl, Sep 23, 2001.

  1. MartysGirl

    MartysGirl Well-Known Member


    My Sister-in-law is thinking of getting a Citi Card. She called to ask if I had any idea what the requirement are for an approval. Unfortunately, I do not have a citi card and have no clue what to tell her. So.... I come running to my favorite board..;-)

    Do you guys know what is the minimum score/fico you can have and obtain a citi card? Which Citi Card is the easiest to get, what if any requirements they have, or what do they frown on?

    What I do Know.... ;-) She has one Mastercard 1000.00 limit and one Store Card 900.00 limit. She has had these cards for about 2 years never late, 0 balances...!! I think she only has one collection that is 2 years old.. (would this hurt her?)

    If you don't think she will be able to get a Citi Card....!! What other card should she go for????

    Thanks Guys...
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    dispute the collection, then apply for citi while its in dispute. Good chance she might get it.
  3. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    I have heard that the normal Citi AAdvantage (Not the World) is the easiest.
  4. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    If she has a paid collection, Citi might give her a card. Some on this board have reported that they have received a card with small paid collections.
  5. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member

    Three UNPAID collections, 3 to 4 years old at the time, didn't keep me from getting a $3000 ClickCiti card.

    I still have negatives, unpaid, 4 to 5 years old, on all 3 reports. I got a $3000 AAdvantage card last month.
  6. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    They have denied me with 2 collections; one 5 yrs. old, one 6 yrs old. That was the reason they gave me too.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    DON'T KNOW WHAT MINIMUM SCORE IS...but if you have 685+ DENIED...

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