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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kittw1, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't bittenthe bullet and applied for my nextel phone to see what they say. I know that they pull TU. I am planning on getting approved for a mortgage and I don't want a wasted inquiry either, but with two small kids, I need a phone. I disputed 6 items on my TU and they deleted 4. Hoping in round two that I will get this off. Any suggestions?

    "Peeeeeaaasss hep me" - LOL :)
  2. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    forgive me...i disputed 6 and the left four and deleted two items.
  3. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    Please help me!!
  4. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    I know that Sprint has a special program that is not based on your credit history. I do not know details but you can go to their website. My experience with them has been positive but other posters do not like them.
  5. Debmac

    Debmac Well-Known Member

    I went to Radio Shack to get the Sprint phone, and here's the deal:

    You purchase the phone at the store (promotion of $50-75 off selectd models)
    You call Sprint from the phone to activate it.

    I did not buy one yet as I didn't have the money, but as soooon as Monday hits I will..

  6. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    When I chose Sprint as my cellular carrier in January 2000, I used their "Account Spending Limits" plan which required a $150 deposit. On my anniversary date, Sprint refunded my deposit in the form of service credit. I've been very happy with Sprint.
  7. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    If you are afraid of getting a credit report pulled, you could always go with one of those prepaid cellular plans. (AT&T offers them, I know because I did some investigating on behalf of a friend yesterday. Anyway, my understanding is that these plans are pretty satisfactory. After all is well, and you get your mortgage, you can always get one of the more conventional service plans.

  8. jmart

    jmart Well-Known Member

    Pre-paid phones are a complete rip-off, unless you're just using the phone for emergencies.. I also highly reccomend Sprint.. They will approve anyone, and currently don't require a deposit..
  9. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Sprint is guaranteeing you an account, regardless of credit. You have to buy the phone. Radio Shack for sure, don't know about others. If it's a call and activate it yourself, I'd suggest doing it from the store, just in case......

  10. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    That was my thing about prepaid. I am an incessant user, especially on the weekends and I wanted something that I could use a little bit more freely. Right now (under someone else's name --yuck) I pay 69/mth for 650 minutes but all my incoming calls and nights and weekends are free. And nights begin at 8p-7a

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