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  1. David

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    Below is a letter I'm sending to two different CAs tomorrow. Assume one or both validates--what next?

    Or, if I hear nothing--then what?

    Do I contact the CBs in the meantime, or the original creditors?



    Park Dansan
    113 W 3rd Avenue
    Gastonia, NC 28053

    Re: Acct # 9910101****

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter is being sent to you in response a collection account placed on my Experian and Equifax credit reports. This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed.

    This is a request for validation made pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please complete the attached form and follow its instructions and your claim will be processed as soon as this information is received.

    Please be advised that I am not requesting a "verification" that you have my mailing address, I am requesting a "validation"; that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you.

    You should also be aware that reporting such invalidated information to major credit bureaus might constitute fraud under federal and state law. You may wish to consult with a competent legal advisor before your next communication with me.

    Please also be aware that the failure to remove invalidated negative information on my credit reports from your company or any company that you represent, this will result in my filing an immediate lawsuit against you and/or your client for 1) Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 2) Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 3) Defamation of Character, 4) Negligent Enablement of Identity Fraud.

    Pending the outcome of my investigation of any evidence that you submit, you are instructed to take no action that could be detrimental to any of my credit reports.

    I suggest you and Sprint get your records in order before I have to target you for legal action.

    It would behoove both parties not to let the matter escalate into a litigious affair over a nominal amount.

    Best regards,

    David C. Hill

    Page 2


    Name & Address of Creditor: _______________________________________________

    Name of Debtor: ____________________Acct #: ________________________

    Address of Debtor: ________________________________________________________

    Amount of Debt purported to be owed: _________ Date it became payable: ___________

    Was this debt assigned to the collection agency or purchased? ______________________

    Amount paid if purchased: __________

    Commission for the collection agency if successful with assigned debt: _________

    Please attach a copy of the agreement with your client that grants you the authority to collect on this alleged debt.

    Please attach a copy of any agreement that bears the signature of the alleged debtor wherein he/she agreed to pay the creditor.

    Please attach copies of all statements while this account was open.

    Have any insurance claims been made by any creditor regarding this account? yes / no

    Have any judgments been obtained by any creditor regarding this account? yes / no

    Have any negative trade lines been reported to any credit reporting agencies regarding this alleged debt? If so, please name the credit reporting agencies. _______________________________________________________________________

    Please provide the name and address of the bonding agent for the collection company (insert name of collection agency) in case legal action becomes necessary. _______________________________________________________________________

    ____________________________________ ________________
    Authorized signature for creditor date

    Please return this completed form and attach all assignment or other transfer agreements which would establish your right to collect this debt. Your claim cannot be considered if any portion of this form is not completed and returned with the required documents. This is a request for validation made pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you do not respond as required by this law, your claim will not be considered and you may be liable for damages for continued collection efforts. Please allow thirty days for processing after receipt of your request.
  2. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Sorry, posted twice :)

  3. Carrie

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    Re: Sorry, posted twice :)

    I just sent out that same letter yesterday to Experian. I hope they get flagged! Hee Hee BTW Thanks Lizardking
  4. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    Re: Sorry, posted twice :)

    Ok, I'm an idiot!! I didn't send it to Experian I sent it to Pro Comp Services and I really meant to say I hope it don't get flagged. Too much HOOP-IT-UP in St. Louis this weekend! I'm tired and my feet hurt! :-}

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