What options are to consider when you are in financial difficulty?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mark B. Clements, Jun 16, 2020.

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    Hi Everyone!!
    My circumstances have changed after the effects of the global pandemic. I'd suffered from an illness during this time and was on leave for a month. In my present situation, I cannot afford the repayment of my loans and credit card debts. I started using my credit card to pay for my everyday bills. I'd no clue that the situation was going to get stretched for 2-3 months. I thought once the crisis is over, I can resume my job and repay the debts. Is there any option to consider if I'm unable to meet debt obligations? My friend suggested meeting debt management services to find out about consumer and that they'll give financial assistance for my present situation. I found out about Division 1 Proposal; it is a legal process that allows you to avoid declaring bankruptcy. Both individuals and businesses can use Division 1 Proposals to help them solve a debt crisis. Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Nice ADVERTISMENT. Do you just work for them or do you have ownership interest?

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