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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kev, Jan 1, 2001.

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    Thankyou board for the answers you gave me! I will have her apply at Radio Shack first then Target next,then I need to know which banks to apply who will give an unsecured card even if the rates are very high!
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    RE: What R EZ est Creditcards

    What's the hurry? Patience is the key to building good credit and avoiding costly mistakes.

    Capital One would be a good bank to apply with. They are ultra-conservative with their card limits, but they do not use the questionable practices of some of the others.

    Eventually, your relative will probably get an offer from Cross Country Bank. With your present attitude you would probably want to send it in, but doing so would be one of the worst mistakes you could possibly make! Making sure your relative does *NOT* send in any application to CCB will definately be best best help you will ever provide. There are many on this board who can explain why and many more messages already posted about this than most people would have time to read.
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    RE: What R EZ est Creditcards

    After you have 1 major trade line (Visa, M/C, Amex or Disc.) reporting on the credit bureau then you could try for a Exxon, or Mobil Card (issued by the same folks at GE Capital).

    They are quite good about extending a $250.00 limit to new creditees! This will get you another trade line.

    After a few months then try for a Target Card, they like to see 2-3 trade lines open for about 6 months!
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    Secured card first

    Kev, I suggest her to apply first for a secured card as Capital One, Aria or Providian and then after 6 months she could apply for the stores card.
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    RE: What R EZ est Creditcards

    Macy's are your best bet for an unsecured and reporting for all three CRA'sonly 100 line they give it almost to everyone . in three months providian will give an invitation . and you could go on from there.

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