What should I do now? (Equifax)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, Aug 13, 2001.

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    I received my return receipts today from both Ford Motor Credit and Equifax. I mailed the two companies intent to sue letters if they do not properly report my account. Should I call Equifax and see if they have made any changes. In actuality the account is now paid off; however, the problem was they were reporting me as 90 days late in April of this year which dropped my score 70 points.

    Mike G.
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    In my opinion, its time to talk to an attorney. Don't take this lying dow. I think that is our problem as consumers. The orginal creditor should have notified the CRA of the dispute. So you have them by the cahonas, make sure you ask the CRA for the procedures used to verify.

    Start your papertrail, and SUE! Name the CEO of Ford in your suit, I GUARANTEE you will get a call from one of his representatives to clear up the problem.
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    It's Ford doing it - they do it to a lot of people. They showed my Mom with a reposession and balance owed. They finally reported 0 balance and the CRA's deleted the whoel trade line.

    They've been sued for it beofre - so a search.


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