What the heck happened????

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Mar 2, 2001.

  1. danrs

    danrs Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

    I got back my Equifax and Experian reports earlier in the week. Junum managed to get two out of three negatives off of each report, to include a Credit Union charge off from 1995 for the incorrect amount of $20K (actually only $200), which was really bothering me, looking like a 20K charge off. I disputed it a year ago, and it came back verified.

    At any rate, today I get my TU report back, and again, 2 out of my three negs were deleted, great I think, until I noticed the Credit Union charge off, WHICH WAS NEVER ON TRANSUNION IN THE FIRST PLACE, now shows up on TU as "verified" with a CHARGE OFF DATE OF 2/2001!!! The amount is now correct, but now it looks as though I have a brand spanking new charge off!

    How did TU "verify" something that was never disputed because it was never even on their report?

    And, does Providian or Cap one use TU to check credit? I was looking forward to some line increases soon, especially from Providian, and I'm sure a new charge off will kill that! Not that the date is correct, but now I'm worried it will take forever to get this corrected or removed!

    How do I deal with this? Let Junum handle it, or do I need to get on the ball myself and take care of this?

    Any help greatly appreciated. This one hurts, I'd have been better off with it on my Experian as it was, a 5 year old charge off.

  2. danrs

    danrs Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention, that the CU charge off now on my TU report, originally was listed only on the Experian report, which Junum just got deleted.

    Thanks again.
  3. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    I think Providean usually just looks at Experian. Since you have been payin Junum to do this for you, you might want to talk to them first. I'm not sure it's a good idea for both you and Junum to be sending disputes at the same time.

    I wonder how this happened. Could Junum have carelessly sent the dispute to all the of the CRA's even though it wasn't on your Trans Union? And then maybe Trans Union called your credit union, someone there verified it, and then Trans Union added it to your report.

    Junum's way generating more business? Get some negatives deleted AND get negatives added?
  4. Bill Bauer

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    I can't tell you what happened, but one thing for sure is that I would quit using any commercial credit repair and learn to do it myself. It's a lot cheaper and you don't have problems like that. At least I never have and I have never had any of my customers report such problems.
    No, I don't do credit repair, I just teach people how to play real hardball with credit bureaus and collection agencies as well as creditors who make adverse reports to credit bureaus. Most people don't realize that creditors and collection agencies are like alligators. They love to play in the water where they are familiar with the territory, but get them out of the water and you can quickly subdue them. In otherwords, don't try to mudwrestle with an alligator while treading water.

    Bill Bauer

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