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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hurricane5, Jul 25, 2001.

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    In looking at my Experian report, I noticed that there was a second judgement on there from a furniture store that I had problems with years ago.

    They were BOTH verified in June 2001, and they both show as paid, however, the differences between the two are:

    Docket number: all court judgments are identified by the year, then a dash, then the court number (ie. 95-1234) The second judgement has a number that looks like this 951234

    Amount: The amount of the second judgement is about $100 more than the first

    So here is the confusing part: The judgement with the correct docket number has the wrong amount, the judgement with the wrong docket number has the correct account. I found this out after contacting the furniture store and talking with the rep in the business office. I also faxed her a copy of the report so she could see what I was talking about (yes, I blocked out all other accounts and information).

    She called me back today and said that since the store did not subscribe to Experian, the CRA wouldn't talk to her and basically gave her the run around. She suggested that I ask them to investigate it again. My thinking is that they already had a chance to do that (since they somehow verified it in June) and I should move on to demanding verification.

    However, I thought that once you had a judgement, the CRAs verified with the courts, not the original creditor...

    Anyone with suggestions on how I should proceed? I'll actually be down in the Virginia Beach area this weekend and Monday (where the judgement was filed), so if I have to go to the courthouse, that would be a great time for me to do it...

    Thoughts, advice, etc...as always, very appreciated
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    I believe that they do verify judgments with the courthouse and not the creditor. But it should not be listed twice. I would send a nasty letter to experian advising them of their violations re:FCRA and demand that the one with the incorrect case # be deleted. You can also send exp. a letter asking them for the name, title, phone # of how they verified the entries. When they fail to respond in 15 days, they must delete.

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