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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Larissa, Aug 22, 2001.

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    Ok, so I have decided that my credit is hopeless until my student loans come out of default (I make the 12th payment for rehab in January...I was just denied for Target of all places) but once that happens TU and EX will be clear...EQ will have these 4 stupid collections that 1 refuses to validate and the other 2 are so small I will pay if I have to for a house(the other 1 is paid). Anyway, so I am just going to leave mine for now and concentrate on hubby's. So....

    I have had success with EX...now only showing GMAC with tons of old lates...is now paid but has not updated yet...there is another old car loan on there that also had lots of lates but now that it is paid is under the good section with no lates listed? I wonder if that will happen with this one as well? and a chargeoff with MBNA that is showing a past due balance? If it is chargedoff why is there a past due? Anyway...his score is 646 and that is with Cap 1 not reporting limits and without his new Citi card...1 inquiry in 6 months.

    The other 2 are not so helpful...

    will not investigate inquiries
    has the MBNA and the GMAC, plus an NCO account that is the same as the MBNA(but states suppressed pending credit grantor update?) and some collections(paid) that are in dispute and came off the other 2 no problem
    a few inquiries

    EQ:(pulled most here)
    old collection that came off mine but was verified on his? (paid)
    GMAC, MBNA and the other car I meantioned but actually showing the late pays (paid, last late was 7/99)
    lots of inquiries

    I have CreditExpert for EX for him and it has been great so far...we dispute online with TU which has worked well except for the inquiry thing and the NCO account...We can't dispute online with EQ because we have a local affiliate in town which I think is why it is so hard because they can just call the CA on the phone for my 3 and his 1...they are right down the street.

    I wouldn't even care...prefer to pay cash, don't need a CC...but we want to buy a house next year. So....does anyone have any suggestions? I have disputed everything as not mine and they have come back as above...I am currently disputing the MBNA overdue balance thing with EX...I would like to get that one off, but don't have the $$ to make a deal with them right now (it is $3K...past due of $1K)

    On all 3 we also have 2 paid judgements from 99/00 that will just have to stay...

    This probably makes no sense, and there is probably nothing I can do, but you are all so smart, I am hoping someone has a suggestion.


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