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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mvfl, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. mvfl

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    I've run into a few problems today with my credit repair. (See my other post)

    Anyway, I disputed some collection account on Equifax several months ago and they deleted it on Equifax and Experian. It is still on TU so I recently disputed it again. Last week the collector sent me a letter regarding the debt (after not contacting me for years). Today I got another letter from them telling me that failure to reply in 7 days will lead to additional collection activity. It says that they bought the debt from another collector, who had bought it from the original bank. Anyway, do you think it's time for me to send a cease & desist and prove it letter or remove it letter to them? Or should I ignore? I'm afraid if I ignore it'll show up on my reports again.
  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    You need to tell us how much the debt is, who the debt is with and how old the debt is.
    I know you are frustrated but calm down and take a breath.

  3. mvfl

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    The collector is NCO Financial. The letter says the balance is $1793.68. The back of the letter says the original creditor is GE Capital and it says it is a Visa and gives a Visa account number. I NEVER had an account with GE and none of the banks I ever had cards with were bought by them or had any relation.

    There is no date of when this account was opened/closed on the letter. It was deleted from Equifax and Experian last year when they couldn't verify. It's still on TU (I disputed it with them a few weeks ago and am waiting on the result). However just above the item it says "The following item is suppressed pending credit grantor update" - on the TU report recieved BEFORE I just disputed it with them. TU is difficult to understand, but the "Placed" date is 6/1999. I hope that is not the alleged chargeoff date, because that is dead wrong. All of my legitimate chargeoffs are from 1995 and earlier.

    Now, that statement on TU above the listing makes me curious. Could that have been left on there from when I disputed NCO from my other CRA's last year? If so, the 30 days has long passed and they should get rid of that account.
  4. roni

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    I read the first sentence and was disappointed. NCO is hell.

    Ok, with that said, let's try to get past this.

    First, the credit bureaus have nothing to do with one another. You are getting yourself confused.

    Secondly, NCO is sending you this letter because they are just as trashy as ARrow Financial.

    Do a search for NCO and you will see that they are being sued and were sued by MBA of Pittsburgh. He would love to get info from you about this matter.

    Ignore the letter, because if it is before 1995 like you said, the sol has past. BTW, which state do you live in. I hope it is one with a short sol.

  5. mvfl

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    Re: NCO----damn.

    I live in florida. The SOL is 4 years for Open accounts and 5 years for written contracts. Is a credit card account considered an account rather than a contract? I guess either way the SOL has passed.

    Ok, so now I wonder what that statement on TU means? I know when you dispute with one CRA it's only with that CRA, but all the stuff I disputed last year on Equifax got deleted from all 3 (except for the NCO) so I that's why I thought maybe it had something to do with those disputes.

    I should be hearing from TU any day about my disputes. I hope it gets deleted. However, what should I do about NCO contacting me now? Just trash the letters and ignore them?
  6. roni

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    Re: NCO----damn.


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