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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by acegirl, May 17, 2001.

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    i got my credit report today and im in worst shape than i thought. i would like to start paying these accounts but am confused on this report. heres what it says i have 9 accounts that are marked charged off as of 3/01 or 4/01. these accounts are very recent. i also have two accounts in good standing and two accounts that say account transfered or sold credit card? what does that mean? i also have two collection agency accounts listed. well i just finish pay off my car and now i want to work on these cards. where should i start? should i just let them go for the 7 yrs or should i go to cccs? can they still be saved?i got behind due to paying on my car and limited income at the time. i just wanted to get that over with. anyone got some suggestions.

    thanks donna
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    If these are recent charge offs...March and April of this year... it shouldn't be too hard to contact the companies and make some sort of deal or payment arrangements with them. Here's what I would do. Call only the companies you want to start with and ask for a current balance. I would even just do one at a time. Tell them that you would like to pay off the account and try to negotiate either a reduced payment or a payment plan. You can also try to negotiate a full payoff for deletion of the charge-off statement on your CR, but I haven't seen that happen too often.

    Don't go to CCCS. They can't do anything you can't do YOURSELF. Besides, if the accounts are charged-off I don't think they will help. The "sold or transferred" probably means that the accounts have been sold to collection agencies. Since they are so recent, waiting out the 7 years will be a very long wait. You can do it, but don't expect to get anything new formany years. As far as the accounts being "saved".... some companies will re-open accounts after they have been paid in full. It depends on the company.

    NOW, all that said.... let me say that this is only my opinion, and probably the way I would handle it. I am no expert. I can only give you my opinion. Someone else might have a totally different view.

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