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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 95207Chick, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Before I found this website, in Sept of 2002 I paid an account that was showing on my EQ. It was listing under the CA (Unique Management Services) but was for my local library. I called Unique and they said I could pay my local library the $34 which I did that day.
    In March of this year, I discovered the "debt" was most likely not mine and wrote a Goodwill letter to Unique and my local library collection contact. I contacted the local library contact 30 days later and she agreed to request Unique to delete. In May I recieved a letter from Unique confirming the deletion. "...we are requesting our name and any derogatory inforrmation connected with our company to be taken off your credit profile. ..."
    I disputed with EQ in May and August and it came back verified.
    I called the contact who had signed my letter from Unique and she said they transmitted that it should be deleted.
    So I disputed with EQ again this month and just got back another verification, even after mailing them a copy of the deletion letter and a procedural request.
    I am tired of this petty little thing even showing on my EQ.
    Where should I go from here? I tried being nice but someone is not doing their job. Do I ITS EQ? Do I ITS Unique? And then CC it to my local library?
    Unique seems to be helpful but the fact remains on my report. Does someone have a outline ITS they would recommend?
    It's only $34 listed as a PAID COLLECTION but it is still ON MY REPORT.
    I appreciate some advice!
  2. lbrown59

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    Sue all 3 of them:
    Let the judge decide who's responsible.
    THE END ** *** ** LB 59
  3. 95207Chick

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    I am drafting my Intent To Sue letter to send out to each of them tomorrow tomorrow CRRR. Since it involves all 3 of them, I agree with letting a judge decide who is at fault for continuing to cause me damage by this collection. I have a company that will not hire me with a collection, even PAID, on my report. They are nice enough to provide that to me in writing. Do I have to give them 30 days to respond or can I limit it to say 10 working days or something shorter?

    And then here in California, I would just sue them in Small Claims for the maximum due to financial damage this caused me by not being able to be employed with that job offer since it hasn't been corrected in a reasonable time frame (120 days was more than reasonable since I recieved the deletion letter). Let the judge decide who dropped the ball. Right?

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