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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by beckett, May 21, 2001.

  1. beckett

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    Ultimate paperwork screwup.

    2.5 years ago, i ordered some medical equipment. For the insurance to kick in I had to pay $200 deductable. My parents either never received the bill or never paid it (i was a student at the time, under my parents cobra).

    About six weeks ago, i get a letter out of the blue from a CA seeking $400. I call the old insurance company, and they have on record that a $200 deductable was due. They contact the CA to gather some info, CA said they would fax documentation, but never did. CA did record a policy # from the insurance carrier (doh!) but not the right one though (ha!).

    The bill from the CA has my MOTHERS? SS#. But the insurance policy was technically in my name.

    What should I do? I know the medical supply company is rightfully owed $200, not $400. I'd prefer not to pay the CA, because i have a feeling that it will come back to haunt me. What do i do to keep this off my credit reports?

    Today CA sent another letter, stating that their "client" has authorized them to accept $260 or else i risk a derog on my credit. I called the original
    creditor, and they verified that the debt for the deductable was $200. not 400. billing rep said she would call me back tomorrow after conferrring with her superior. I dont know if the account was sold to the CA, but i suspect it wasnt.

    I have perfect credit and wanted to buy a house this year!

    How do i proceed?
    can they still file a derog if they dont have my SS#?

    The original creditor was able to send me a printout that verifies the items purchased, my name, but my mother's SS#.

    What a mess.
  2. kenc_69

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    I had a couple of thousand in hospital bills that went to collection I got a couple of letters from the collection agencies then nothing more it never even showed up on my recent credit report I acquired. that was a more than a couple of years ago. this must be a fluke in favor of me. ever heard of that happening before?
  3. godaddyo

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    I am not really sure of your liability in this matter. Since the insurance policy was not initiated by you, you were put on as a family member that would fall under the policies' guidelines. Since they dont have your social security number, they would be hard pressed to find it, if your parents was used for the accounting purposes. More than likely it will never show up on your report. It sounds to me that there issue is with the insurer and the policy holder. Your parents would be the policy holder. Discuss this with your parents. I would also send out a validation letter to the collection agency. You can find one by doing a search on this site under validation. These letters can be very effective in stopping them in their tracks. They are not an end all letter. They can still pursue the debt as they see fit, although under the law they must send either send you validation or cease all collection activities involved.

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