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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by brad, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. brad

    brad Well-Known Member

    I just got one of their MC.When I tried to register the card online it was a no go. I talked to a rep and he said the online service is only for college cards?What's the deal with that? Are college cards more important to them?Give me a break.
  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    No online for Associates. Forget it for now. However, they have been bought by Citibank, so maybe soon....

  3. brad

    brad Well-Known Member

    Breeze, what do you think of Providians Get Smart card? I just applied online through e-loan and was approved for Visa classic card.59.00 annual fee.
    1000 credit limit. I have a couple of CAP1'S Gold with 500 limits and 72 dollars a year each. I realize
    these terms suck, but that's what you get being sub-prime. My question is do you think I'll get the card?
  4. john

    john Well-Known Member

    What is your FICO score....

    620 will probably get you a Citibank. I just applied tonight and I have a 619 Equifax and 620 Credit Expert.

    I applied for the GetRipped(GetSmart) card and got approved for Classic with $89.00 annual fee and 500 limit.
  5. john

    john Well-Known Member


    P.S. I got approved for a AA Advantage card with a limit over 5,000. Forgot to mention that.
  6. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Yes, the online pilot is for college cards, and will be available to all cards later on. I've found this company excellent to do business with.

    What is your current APR for purchases? You can always call CS to inquire whether there's a lower rate available for your account. And unlike Providian, they don't play games - if there IS one, they'd tell you up front.

    My Associates student gold card gets automatic increases at a rate of $1,050/year ($350 every 4 months), and at the one year mark I can also start applying for manual increases.

    Customer service is very good.


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