What's the next step?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mike5000, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. mike5000

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    1/03 Filed BK7.

    6/03 Discharged.

    8/03 "Not Mine" disputed accounts discharged but showing:
    Charged-Off Balance $0
    Charged-Off Balance $1K
    Closed Balance $9K

    9/03 All 3 come back verified. I'm dealing with Household LOC, Bank One CC and Well Fargo CC.

    What do I do next. Dispute again same way? Dispute again diffent way? Write letter to OC stating what? Have a beer and say to H... with it?

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. mike5000

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    Bumping for
    THE END ** **
  4. LKH

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    Mike, I think your next step should be to contact the oc's via certified letter, r/r/r advising them they are reporting inaccurate info and per section 623 of the FCRA you are asserting your rights to dispute it and either correct the reporting and if they can't report correctly, then to remove the tradeline in its entirety.
  5. mike5000

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    thanks for the bump. I was beginning to think that I was asking too stupid of a question.

    yesterday I called FUSA and was told that that is the way that they report accounts that have been discharged through BK, period.

    This all came up so soon because I am applying for a secured card through American Pacific and they sent a letter back asking for proof that FUSA has been discharged. So, I called FUSA with the above result.

    When I called AP, the CSR (Rosie) said that faxing my schedule F showing the account will suffice so I did. The person that is actually making the decision is out till Monday so I will see what happens.

    In the meantime I will follow your suggestion with the OC and see what happens.

  6. cyana

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    There are lots of people with discharged FUSA/Bankone debts that are being reported with balances, and past due balances. Check out creditboards.com and you will find many stories. Writing to FUSA did me no good, even sending FUSA and later BankOne my discharge papers - nothing. BankOne/FUSA's stance is that they are reporting correctly as charge off with an unpaid balance. There's a lawsuit about their reporting practice (Eleanor Chase v. FUSA, Equifax and Transunion) going on right now in Arizona. TU recently settled for $2500, I *think* EQF may have settled too, but don't for sure.

    Fellow Fusa victim
  7. mike5000

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    I had no idea. Thanks for the info. I search this board fo FUSA but never did it at creditboards.

    It appears I have a formidable challenge on this one.

    Thanks again.
  8. jb6969

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    Re: Re: What's the next step?

    Any ideas what has happened with the Eleanor Chase vs. FUSA case?
  9. Sebel

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    Re: Re: What's the next step?

    bump..same situation.
  10. Touchdown

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    Re: Re: What's the next step?

    Same situation here with FUSA.

    Interested in getting this one off!
  11. jb6969

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    Re: Re: What's the next step?

    bumping this to see if there is anything new to report on this case. i have big issues with FUSA about this....

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