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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dlo64, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. dlo64

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    I sent a PFB letter last weekend. Received a response on Monday asking to call back. I was told to ask for Mr. Cook. My letter involved trying to get better terms on an offer they sent through the mail after applying on the phone for a card.

    Called back and talked to Mr. Cook. He said he would need to check some things out and would get back to me on Wednesday. Wednesday came and went without any contact from Cap 1. Yesterday I called after Mr. Cook left for the day and left him a voice mail asking to return my call to see if he had found out anything. I did not receive a call or e-mail today so I called before 5 eastern time. Mr. Cook did not answer the phone so the rep gave me his voice mail. Left another message, but still no call back. Is it possible Mr. Cook will reply by mail? Should I just wait and see what happens? I hear so many here have had success with PFB and the follow up call to Cap 1.
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    Also sent a letter to PFB asking for a credit line increase on 8/13.

    Back in May Mr. Miller upped me from $500 to $1500.

    Received a letter Monday asking me to call Mr. Cook. Took three tries, voice mail twice, no return call. Caught him Wed. afternoon. Given $500 increase (asked for $1,000) , also told will not be eligible for six to nine for future increases.

    Call Monday and ask for Mr. Miller or anyone else in the advocates office.
  3. dlo64

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    Thanks for the help Dean. I was thinking about asking for Mr. Miller, but didn't know if that was a good idea since I was working with Mr. Cook. I certainly don't want to get anyone in trouble. Maybe Monday I will call and ask to speak to Mr. Miller (he will probably wonder how I got his name, but then again, he deals with a lot of people so maybe it won't matter).
  4. Marie

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    so you got 2 Exec office increases in 3 mos?

    1000 in May
    500 in Aug


    were there any special circumstances or did you just ask for an increase?

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