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  1. kev

    kev Guest

    what do you gather about this site?
  2. Jason Sing

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    RE: (WHATS)www.nbizz.com/acuyo

    This is a sub-site of American Credit Universal a credit granting company that is legal and actually works.

    http://acu4credit.com is the main site.

    Go there if you want credit help of any kind!
  3. John S

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    RE: (WHATS)www.nbizz.com/acuyo

    This site is a scam. Adding false information to someone's credit history is illegal and violates the FCRA.

    You, the CONSUMER, can get hammered for this as well.

    Creating new credit history files to evade your true credit history and credit risk is illegal.

    Stay away from this site. IT IS A SCAM.

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