when do I qualify for an unsec

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by N. Tascon, Jun 6, 2000.

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    Right now I have a capital one classic visa with a low credit limit, and several store credit cards, I make my payments on time and I always pay more than my minimum requirement but, I also have had all but one card for less than a year.
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    RE: when do I qualify for an u

    Don't expect much from Cap 1. There are several threads here that testify to no only their stinginess with regards to line increases, but also the several years it can take to get to unsecured.

    If the money is not a problem, I would take a few more of the sub-prime offers you have probably been getting just to establish some more history.

    It takes several years to build a good history. In the meantime, some of the sub-prime lenders are not rediculous. Providian had done me well during my rebuilding process.

    And..I'll beat BOB to the punch..don't even consider getting a Cross Country Bank card.

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