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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim S., Jan 17, 2001.

  1. Jim S.

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    So far MBNA has removed the account that didn't belong to me from my Experian report. I am still waiting to hear from Trans Union and Equifax.

    Since my Experian report has no negatives on it now, if I apply for credit say tommorow and they only check Experian will my report show having no negatives? I thought this is what would happen, but then I heard differently, that it takes months to update even after the CRA sends you an updated report.
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    RE: When something is removed

    I guess the question would be whether there is some other report besides the one they send you.

    (1) If they simply said they removed the items, but sent no actual report reflecting that fact, then it could conceivably take a long time before the reports they issue do reflect that fact.

    (2) If the question is whether they can send you a report with items removed, while still selling another report that contains those items--that would require that they maintain more than one database, one for reports sent to subjects and another for reports pulled by creditors. Or perhaps some sort of filter that removes items for your viewing pleasure, while leaving them in the report that gets pulled, just in case they change their mind a couple of months later. Or perhaps one database of corrected reports that they maintain separately for a while, and then merge with the main database at infrequent intervals. Or a buffer of outdated information that is easily accessed by creditors, and only infrequently replaced by the corrected information in their main database.

    I'm just trying to define this thing, to find out what question we're really trying to answer. How could there be two different reports at the same time?
  3. Rocky

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    RE: When something is removed

    I got a letter from Equifax January 2 stating removal of my dispute from their file, giving me a clean slate there, and I was approved by a prime card using Equifax a week later.
  4. Momof3

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    RE: When something is removed

    Well I would think "IF" you received an updated report then it should be removed from their database as well. I know when I got things taken off or added to Experian for example and I received updated report from Experian I then ordered from Iplace, all my corrections appeared as they should. SO I would say yes, I can't see them having more than one report in their database. Although I could be wrong?

  5. Pizzaman

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    RE: When something is removed

    The fact that 'soft' inquiries supposedly do not show up on reports sent to prospective lenders would support the 'separate dateabases or filters' theory.

    So the REAL question is: How far do they actually go with this?
  6. John Shimm

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    RE: When something is removed

    When something is removed from your history, it's removed THEN AND THERE, period. That's why they send an updated copy of your report to you after the deletion.

    Any inquiry (i.e., a bank running your credit for a credit card or loan) happening AFTER the deletion, even within hours of it happening, will NOT see the deleted account.

    There is ONE "history" for you, and itis a 'living' history (changes on the fly based on deletions and insertions). Lenders get whatever happens to be in the database (a 'snapshot', like taking a picture of your financial history at ONE point in time) and scores are generated AT THAT TIME.

    Scores and reports are not 'archived' in a suspended state for, say, a month at a time. They are generated and scored AT THE TIME OF THE INQUIRY.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: When something is removed

  8. marvin

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    RE: When something is removed

    Just wanted to comment on the posts about having seperate credit history's for consumers and lenders. First and foremost, I don't believe that any of the CRA's would go to the trouble of creating more than one history when it isn't needed. You can flag certain items in each report, or even any single entry in the report, and hide it, depending on who is running the report. Theoretically, they could send different reports to utility company's, mortgage companies, auto lenders, banks, and consumer disclosures without ever changing the reports. You can do this sort of thing with MS Access, so I am just assuming that the CRA's have this ability. They may not, but it is possible if they have the right software

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