Where are the lawyers out there ??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by snuffels, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. snuffels

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    Ok folks help me with this one. I live in New Hampshire and seek an attorney for either this State or the State of Massachusetts. My problem is in finding an attorney that unders all the crap involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FDCPA, and the ins and outs of credit bureaus. Now, everyone out there is suing from reading this board and I cannot for the life of me find an attorney that understands all this crap. I do NOT want a novice nor do I seek an attorney that is looking for on the job training.

    I want an experienced attorney that understands what to do when a creditor reinserts illegally. I want an attorney that can look at a history of reports and can see how a creditor has reaged a tradeline and can do something about it. Its bad enough that judges out there cant swallow all this stuff how can I be defended when I have inexperience on both ends.

    I want an attorney that can help me with issues here in New Hampshire and an attorney that can help me fight a creditor in Massachusetts.

    The phone book sure does not help ..

    Any suggestions ???

    Please help
  2. lbrown59

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    rare as hens teeth.
  3. snakeman

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    I'm no guru but I do know this much...

    You need to read some posts on this forum that discuss in great detail the way to sue (on your own) the CRA's and CA's.

    I have seen everything from sample letters to instructions on how to proceed from every angle and every situation.

    What I find is most important is that you need what people on this forum call a "paper trail". For you this would include proof of an older report showing the original dates of that debt. Also, original paper correspondence from any debt collection agency showing the date of the debt. Coupled with a new report showing a new date you should have some decent ammunition for a suit.

    Beyond that....just spend some more time browsing through all these postings here in this forum. I'm sure you will gain some insight as to what your next step should be.

    Hope that helps some.

  4. prafces

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    You might try going to www.martindale.com and doing a search in your area. Martindale is better than just pulling a name out of the phone book. You can at least see the experience level of the attorney.

    You could also call some of the larger law firms in your area and ask for a referral.
  5. Thundabird

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    You can also try your county and/or state bar associations. They will know who specializes in what you ae looking for, and may be able to arrange a consultation for a nominal fee. ($25-$30).

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