Where do I begin to repair my

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Elizabeth, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guest

    I know my credit is really screwed up. I need to know how to get it fixed. Can someone please tell me where to start and what to do please? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hal

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    RE: Where do I begin to repair

    Start by obtaining a copy of each credit report from the three major reporting agencies.

    Equifax - Available Online
    Experian - Available online
    Transunion - By mail

    Once received review each report thoroughly, if you note items that are incorrect write a dispute letter to the individual agency, detail what you believe to be incorrect and mail certified mail with a return receipt.

    The agency then must investigate the dispute and send you an update once they have determined if the entry is correct. If correct they will tell you it is verified, if incorrect it must be removed.

    Try not to dispute more than 3 items in an individual letter. The process can take some time if there are many items you want to dispute,but if you dispute everything at once they will label it "frivoulous" and not investigate.

    Once you have the reports post again to ask for any specific recommendations on items shown.

    Use the link on this website "Credit Repair Help", it provides excellent information on how to begin this process.
  3. roni

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    RE: Where do I begin to repair

    I would also purchasing a credit repair book. I used "Guaranteed Credit" by ARnold Goldstein before I even started reading this board. It had all the form letters and explanations I needed to get started. That book and this board will give you a great start.

  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Guerilla Credit Repair

    Is the best book I bought.

    Additionally, you can read some excellent info (and it's even free)
    Electronic Credit Repair Kit
  5. Creditinsi

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    Here's some free info...

    Start by reading our free article section...

    Hopefully it should give you an idea of where and how to get started.

    Re establishing your credit is not an over night issue, it takes time and dedication, but little by little it CAN be done!

    Best of luck to you!

  6. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    RE: Where do I begin to repair

    I know this is obvious, but the very first step in credit repair is to pay all your current debts on time. Once you quit creating bad credit, good credit gradually takes over.

    Then, of course, you can do credit repair on your reports, but that would be difficult, intimidating and discouraging unless you limit the task by avoiding any more collections, judgments, repossessions, or late payments.

    Once I became absolutely determined to pay all my bills on time, one month at a time, my credit situation improved so much so quickly that I couldn't believe it.
  7. mba

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    RE: Where do I begin to repair


    I am glad that you posted your request!!!!!

    Feel free to be in touch after you receive your reports - from Trans Union, and from Equifax, and from Experian!!!!!

    in Pittsburgh, PA
    February 23, 2001

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