Which card to start?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jean, Nov 13, 2000.

  1. Jean

    Jean Guest

    Which card is a good card to start with no credit? I would like an unsecured. Anyone start with unsecured?
  2. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    Tough to start with unsecured... maybe a gas card would work...

    However, I would suggest to start with Capital One secured. Then the next ones should be unsecured...
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Here's a story

    Ditto on capitalone secured. If you don't want to spend $99 towards a strong and healthy credit file, you seriously need to think about what you are doing.

    Here's what i told my gf to do and she did:

    Month 00 - Capitalone $99 - received card,
    Month 01 - received macys $200 limit
    month 05 - received car loan (new), instant
    approved on CITIBANK
    received Citibank, requested CREDIT RAISE on MACY's , received $300 increase on macy's

    Short-sweet and concise.

    $99 investment, nearly 6 months later
    she has $500 cap 1, $500 macy's, $1000 citibank, and a new car.

    It wasn't that easy when i first started out, I TELL YOU!!

    Btw, the following information above assumes a 100% clean credit file, and there were about 10 inquiries at least during last 12 months.
  4. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Personally i have found Capital One "Choosy" over it's approval for people with no credit.

    If Cap 1 doesn't approve you, open an account with First Consumers you do get a bonus on top of your deposit with them, and they are great about increases.
  5. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    I applied for NextCard and Aria w/ no credit and was instantly approved online.

    Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as income stream and stability (length of time at residence/job) that may play a big role in approval with no credit history.

    BTW, my starting lines were $500 for Aria and $700 for NextCard.

    Income was 30,500, with 6 yrs at job and 11 yrs. at residence.
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    wow! Thats good news!
  7. newcomer2

    newcomer2 Guest

    MAcy's A good Start UNsecured

    I started out at macy's with an unsecured card . I had no credit at the time . They will give you a 100 credit limit . but in terms of reporting they are great . all three CRA's and thier min payment is 5 :) so u can't get into anytrouble with that . Providian will follow after 3-4 months and so will DMB . just keep the inquires low . I had a ton when i got my macy's 3 years ago . Give it a shot . If that dosn't work probably secured cards are your best bet.
    good luck ..
  8. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Well-Known Member

    RE: MAcy's A good Start UNsecu

    My wife -- who had no credit history -- started with a Macy's card that she was able to get because she had a Visa check card. In about three months, she received an unsecured LLBean/MBNA Visa, a Victoria's Secret card and a Nordstrom card. None with huge credit limits, but she's building.
  9. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Kids,credit cards & foreig

    My son will be going to France with a school group & they suggested a credit card for him to use while overseas. Do you have any suggestions where to start with this?

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