Which Cards to start with??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rogerjones, Jul 11, 2001.

  1. rogerjones

    rogerjones Active Member

    Which credit cards would you recommend for someone with 620 FICO to start with. They already received Capital One and Providian to start with. They would like one more. Any advice appreciated.

  2. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    Try a store credit card....like Best Buy or Target or a department store.
  3. poobybear

    poobybear Well-Known Member

    Are you a student? My first card was the Associates student card w/ a 500 limit to start, it will be 2 years soon since I got the card and I have been upgraded to gold w/ 3300 limit. They have raised me every 4 months with generous increases.
  4. OtherTerri

    OtherTerri Well-Known Member

    Are student cards easier to get?

    Are they intended for young adults only?

    My husband and I are both starting at DeVry next week and we need to get some kind of credit cards, but our oldest child will be in college herself in 2 years!
  5. poobybear

    poobybear Well-Known Member


    When I started school I also began to receive invitations for student cards like Associates. I also have the MBNA student card and the Amex Blue for students. Associates gives me the best terms. MBNA called my house until I got their card, and I applied online for the Amex. Hope this helps!
  6. OtherTerri

    OtherTerri Well-Known Member

    Thanks, poobybear. I start school next week, so I will see what happens!

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