Which CRA does Orchard go thro

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mother2, Feb 1, 2001.

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    I just applied for the MC. I just wanted to know which credit report they are going to pull. Also, how long does it take before you receive a reply in the mail?
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    RE: Which CRA does Orchard go

    Thanks, MP$40! :)

    FYI: www.millcbs.com is fine - you don't need the /index.asp
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    Creditor/CRA List


    I used your Creditor/CRA List, looked up the ones that interested me, and added about 10 of my own inquiries (the ones I can easily remember.)

    It's very easy to find and to use. I had no trouble adding my inquiries, and they showed up in the database immediately.

    Congratulations on a job welll done! I hope many people visit your site.

  5. John Shimm

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    RE: Creditor/CRA List

    Thanks! I hope, if time permits, to be able to add more searching and sorting capabilities to the site. Someone mentioned that I need to let the person specify the PRODUCT that was applied for (Gold, Platinum, Classic, etc.), not just the creditor.

    But, heck, it's free, and it's better than anything else I've seen out there so far! :)

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