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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Op, Jan 7, 2001.

  1. Op

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    I would like to know what credit card I will be qualified? I have very bad credit and trying to improve. Here is the details :

    - 2 paid charge offs 2 years ago from Capital one and Providian.
    - 1 defaulted student loan (in rehabilitate program now)
    - 30 days late payment from Bloomingdales

    I heard that If I got charge off from Capital one they will not approve again.

    Please give me an idea what I should do or any secured card I have a chance to be qualified.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Creditinsi

    Creditinsi Guest

    You could start with a secured card and then build from there. Most of the popular sub-prime card providers such as 1st Premier, Future card or sterling bank offer secured card programs.

  3. Op

    Op Guest

    Thank you. I will try 1st Premier.

    Thanks again.
  4. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    RE: First Premier

    First Premier - Read the fine print. It will cost you around $200 for $250 in credit. My card came nearly maxed out before I even got it. Needless to say, they got it back. They did, however, report the all 3 agencies Acct closed per consumers request and reported the $250 limit and high balance. paid as agreed
    never late. Helped me out.
  5. Op

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    RE: First Premier


    Thanks for your message. I just read the previous post about First Premier. There is a lot of problem. Maybe I will have to find the other CC but I don't have a lot of choices according to my bad credit.
  6. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    I think FNB of Marin will approve you. Check out their site at www.fnbm.com
  7. Desmond

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    DOnt Bother
  8. Op

    Op Guest

    It's not good or??

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