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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by netKat, Dec 22, 2000.

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    When I had my credit report pulled from all three of the majors (Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax) I noticed that the Equifax report contained about 50% less data than the other two. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just something that happened with mine?

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    RE: Which credit report is the

    I agree with that and the most complete is Experian, isn't it ?
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    It's a close call. I was impressed with Trans Union, but then I got my Experian and it looks like I'm going to have to do an item by item comparison to make that judgement. Both reports are about 24 pages long. It'll have to wait till after the holdays! :)

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    netKat wrote:
    "Both reports are about 24 pages long."

    Good! It was about time Herb found some competition :)

    You've probably signed up for one of those services that notifies creditors when your purse is lost. Watch your purse carefully; Or else the poor employees would have to work 3 shifts to notify all of your card issuers...

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    You need to keep in mind that the CRA's don't generate information; they simply collect it. For -->YOU<--, the CRA whose report is the most comprehensive will be the CRA to whom -->YOUR<-- creditors have reported the most information. This will probably be different than the CRA that shows MY most deatiled history.

    If your creditors don't report to TU (for example), then those accounts won't show up on that CRA's report.

    In short, it depends on the creditors who report information, not the CRA's, to determine which report is the most comprehensive.

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    I think we are talking about t

    I think NetKAt is referring to how each report is very different in it layout not what info is on them. For example I happen to think Experian is the most detailed followed closely by TU With Experian they give you seperate listing for inquires as does TU, Equifax lists them all together. Experian also tells you when they will fall off your report and list the accounts more detailed. I don't think she is talking about the info itself, just how the reports are displayed and EQuifax is the least of my favorites in terms of layouts.

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