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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GoreyGirl, Sep 1, 2003.

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    Our BK left us owing nothing but totally bereft of even some basic necessities of life. When we filed, we had $8.00 left to our name. (Folks, Never wait that long).

    Anyway, we are still cash poor because of having to pay for dental work ($400) lawn mower repair etc. Both our vehicles are over 10 years old and the car needs extensive repairs we cannot afford.

    However, I also need surgery ("cosmetic" but like a lot of this type, really not cosmetic at all) and have to cough up about $7000, $2000 before surgery and the balance day of surgery. The surgery is elective but I am in a lot of discomfort and pain. It will not kill me not to have it but each year the problem gets worse. Medicare may eventually pay for some of it but they take forever to reimburse the patient in cases like this.

    Question: Obviously we can't afford both. The car basically takes hubby back and forth to his job (about 9 miles) but can't be used for much else. Truck is running OK but needs work. Where we live, basically a car is needed, which means that I can't go anywhere if the truck is being used.

    As far as credit rating is concerned: IF we managed to get financing for the surgery, what would end up looking better on a credit report: Auto or personal financing? We can live with both problems a little longer but something is going to give in the near future.

    Any thoughts on the matter? I heard personal loans are bad for your credit. Thanks in advance.
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    I think the car loan will look better, it is actually backed by an asset, the personal loan would not.

    Good Luck.

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