Which secured card is best.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kirk, May 28, 2000.

  1. Kirk

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    I'm looking to get a secured card and would like info. on the best deals out there. If there is a website that rates the various cards that would be great also. I will probably start with a $2000 deposit. TIA for any help.

  2. miles

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    RE: Which secured card is best

    You may want to try bankrate.com. I have heard good things about FCNB(www.fcnb.com). They will match your deposit up to 150% of your deposit. If you maintain a good payment history, they will unsecure your account in approx. 1 year. I have heard their customer service is exceptional. Good luck!
  3. Steven Z

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    RE: Which secured card is best

    I used to recommend the Western Security Bank card with its low 6.9% interest rate, no bullshit fees and good customer service it was widely considered the best secured card offer on the market. Unfortunately, they are closing this program down next month.

    Kirk, you don't say if you have damaged credit and I'm not going to presume you do. If you don't "any" regular bank will do for a secured card or better yet a Credit Union if possible as they give lower interest rates and fees.

    If you do have bad credit, while its true most banks have a policy of denying such individuals secured cards though you could try going to bank in your neighbourhood and attempt to convince a manager to give you a chance, you can claim that your blocks away and will be paying your bill directly at the teller.

    Kirk, what you want to avoid is having anything to do with a sub-prime or even worse sub sub-prime bank and become yet another receipient of the nightmares you read here daily.
  4. FISH

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    RE: Which secured card is best

    Go for First Consumers National. They are the best and if you make all payments on time and more than is due they will after 12 or 24 months releaase the secure and give you regular increases. You can get an application by looking up fcnb.com
  5. Mick

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    RE: Which secured card is best

    FCNB is the best card I have 3 years ago I applied for the secured mastercard I put a
    $400.00 security deposit after a year as promised they gave me my deposit back. They gave me regular credit limit increases and also a unsecured visa card for $2000.00 limit
    and believe it or not My Mastercard now has a limit of 4800.00.
    I would highly recommended FCNB.
    Also I would recommend sending amounts over the minumum payments and never be late.
    Over all I have more than $7000.00 with FCNB
    Dont waste your time with Orchard Bank all they give you is 100.00 increases every 6 months as others have warned they send you the bill 10 days before payment meaning if you dont write a check the minute you pull the bill out of the mail box you will be late. Also anther note I had Capitol One Mastercard secured account 3 years ago and with a $300.00 limit I kept the account for 18 months with no late pays and no overlimits they never increased my credit limit and they had the WORST customer service Plus they lost my security deposit they finally found it then sent it to me It was a certified check from First Union Bank
    I put it in my checking account and it bounced because the idoits put a stop payment on it because the dummies were to stupid issue me a new check. I went home and screamed at them for 30 minutes they sent me a new check in 3 days.
    I hope this will help people on the board
    thanks Mick

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