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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pecd, Oct 25, 2000.

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    I have a charge off on my credit report. It's for a phone bill from 3 years ago. I talked with the phone company today. They told me that I had paid the final bill, but then some more charges came in a few weeks later from the long distance carrier and they revised the bill and mailed it to the wrong address, however, they said it was not returned to them. They faxed me a copy of the bill which says, "revised final bill" on the top of it. The phone company said they could not take anything off my credit report b/c they sold the debt to Gulf State Credit, earlier this year.

    I talked with Gulf State Credit-- they have sent 2 letters to me at an address I had 3 years ago in another state. They are willing to take my payment. I asked them if they would remove the charge-off from my credit report if I paid. They said they can't do that-- they would report that I had paid the debt, but that I would have to talk to the credit reporting company (experion) and see if they would remove it from my report altogether. So I didn't pay them today-- I figured I'd wait and use the payment as leverage when I finally figure out who has authority.

    Now I'm seriously confused-- each person keeps telling me that only someone else has the authority to remove it from my credit report. Who can remove this from my credit report? Gulf State Credit or Experion??? If Experion is the one who does it, why is that? Aren't they just basically an information gathering business-- how can they have the authority to remove something from someone's credit report if it wasn't a mistake that they made?

    Do you think I could get this removed from my report-- especially considering the fact that I have proof that i never received any info from either the phone company or gulf state credit on this?

    I really need some help! Thanks!
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    Boy, did you get the run around. This is typical. In my case the original creditor had the authority to remove it. So I worked with Bell Atlantic. Utility companies can and will remove a neg if there is an error. I really dont think experian will help you. Some people here have said to go this route. But personally, I hate the CBs and dont trust them one bit. You have a very valid point about not being notified of the bill. I would call again, maybe a couple of times and work your way up to a supervisor. Word of advise. You sound a little wound up here. Listen, calm down and talk easy with these people. This will not all turn around in 1 night. I know it is easier said than done. But please try.
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    RE: Who can take something off

    Thank you so much. You're right...I was a little wound up, mostly b/c i just couldn't figure out who i should be talking to.

    One question though-- the phone company said they sold the debt to gulf state credit-- does that make a difference in this case?

    Thank you so much!!!!
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    RE: Who can take something off

    Well Yes, You must call gulf state. They will either tell you if they can remove it or if the original creditor has to tell them to remove it. I have been in situations where it worked both ways. Find out who does the removing and then start kissing their butts. But one question, I forget, have you disputed it yet?

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