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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Wendy, Jun 17, 2000.

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    Here is a question for all. I have reached a negotiated settlement amount on 2 old doctor bills that are with different collection agencies. My qestion is, who do you need to reach an agreement with in order to delete the negative listing, the doctors office or the collection agency?

    The bills are being reported by the agencies, not the doctors. Any advice, or comments, would be appreciated.
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    RE: Who makes the decission to

    You need to tell the doctors before hand to help you remove hte bad mark. The agencies will not remove the mark because you told them you paid it. Also the mark may be dropped as a paid balance or come under a iff name to tell creditors that it was outstanding and setteled. NOT GOOD. a code they use to tell people that you screwed up but paid eventually. You need to have it removed COMPLETLY. If you can't them screw the doctors ... don't even pay em.
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    RE: Who makes the decission to

    I believe you must request the item to be removed by the entity that placed it on your credit report. If the collection agencies won't, then perhaps dealing with their client might gain some leverage.

    There is ususally only a few people in each organization that can remove such listings. Asking to talk to the manager or owner of the agency (try not to deal with the front-line superviors, since often one collection rep will hand off the phone to another person sitting nearby who is NOT really a supervisor).

    If they still refuse, you can always just pay it off, wait a while (at least six months, better yet a year or so), and then dispute it with the CRA's. Since the collection agency will then have no interest in confiming the items, it will likely get deleted.
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    RE: Who makes the decission to

    I went through the process two years ago regarding my mother's medical bills that went to collection. She was in the process of buying a home and needed to get the collections off. I contacted the original doctor/hospital and dealt with the office manager of the doctor's office and the head of billing at the hospital. I told them I would pay them in full if they would agree to have the information completely deleted from the three CRA's. They were very accomodating and faxed me letters stating they would delete. I had problems with one collection agency who was refusing to delete, but after a call from the doctor's office they finally agreed. I contacted all three CRA's and got their fax numbers and a person to contact so the collection agencies could (and would have to) do it immediately. I made sure to get copies of everything, and in just thirty days got my mother's reports completely cleared of any negatives. Bottom line is don't give up, the creditor wants to get paid and if they don't cooperate they lose.
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    RE: Who makes the decission to

    I want to thank everyone who responded to my question. I have been trying to get somethings cleaned up after a messy divorce. I have been successful with the dispute process with some things, but was not sure how to handle the collections.
    Again, thanks everyone!

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