Who the F* is FNB BROOKINGS, S

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sam, Mar 21, 2000.

  1. sam

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    I have a newly established balance of $510 of $500 limit when looking at my credit report online today. hmmm. Who the hell is this? I have only a X.com and Capitalone.com and the Capitalone.com is listed separately and a different accnt. FNB starts as 4239xxx
    on my report. Anyone got a clue who they are? Their phone number is no good according to the report. argh. Don't mind positive credit, but the $510 of $500 balance seems like it could be a mistake or negative to my interests in rebuilding credit.
  2. sharon

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    RE: Who the F* is FNB BROOKING

    I don't know who the heck they are but I also have one on my report that I am disputing with a high balance of 700 dollaras and 250 charged off. This was not on my report 5 months ago and I am p. o'd.
    Keep in touch and let me know how you are resolving it.
  3. Alex

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    RE: Who the F* is FNB BROOKING

    FNB is First National Bank. They are a Sub-prime credit card lender. I would strongly suggest you give them a call. I believe their phone number is (605)696-2350.
  4. Mark

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    RE: Who the F* is FNB BROOKING

    You can also ask the CRA for the information. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they are required by law to provide you with that information.
  5. **bETH

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    RE: Who the F* is FNB BROOKING

    First National Bank of Brooking in Brookings, SD the same as 1st Premier.
  6. Jenn

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    Credit Reporting Agency HAS to

    I agree with one of the previous responses. If I were you (I have done this many times) call up the credit reporting agency who is showing this on your record and ask them for the information on the company handling the account. If they are unable to locate the information and cannot verify the account, they have to remove it from your records. So you will either get your info, or you'll have the statement removed from your report.
  7. jennifer

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    RE: Credit Reporting Agency HA

    I know this is totally off of the FNB subject...but am trying to get a credit card...dont care where from...although FNB has approved me for one...with limit of 400 which they claim is unsecured...yet they are going to open an acct of 350 and then charge to the card...then charge me 70 some dollars to open it and the other 30 some on the card...do the math...leaves around 19.00 left...as stupid as i am i agreed to it...but anyways...one place i applied turned me down and i called for a copy of my credit report...there was something on there that i had paid in full 1 year after it was due...and the place i owed said they charged it off b 4 it was even paid...i dont understand why it was changed or taken off when i paid it...anyone know???

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