whom is the best for secured c

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by veronica, Apr 8, 2000.

  1. veronica

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    i'm trying to find a secured card,but have not a clue whom to go with..can someone please help me?! thanks for your time.

    veronica :O)
  2. EZ

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    RE: whom is the best for secur

    Hi veronica

    I started with Capitol one .
    they took as deposit 49.00 and did gfive me a credit of 300.00
    I was happy with them.
    But other members of this board know better
    I hope they will advice you
  3. sam

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    RE: whom is the best for secur

    Definitely capital one. Online banking/payment/application, $99 gets you $500 limit. Nobody else has that good of a deal!

  4. Fish

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    RE: whom is the best for secur

    The best and cheapest to get started would be First Consumers, they are good and if you pay on time for 1-2 years they will change you to unsecured and raise the limit.
  5. arthur

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    providian can help, but high i

    I got a providian w/ a 500 limit unsecured last year, and my limit is now 2200, and I still have 27 chargeoffs and 7 judgements on my credit report. Call them... interest is kinda high 22.9, but at least they report to the cra's

  6. Andy

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    RE: whom is the best for secur

    When I first started, Providian picked me up with a secured card, now its unsecured (4yrs) and they just upgraded me to Gold status from their Visa Classic product.
    I also have used Capital One and Cross Country. Of the three, Cap one is the best, but I do not have the limit like on Providian. Avoid Cross country if you can.

    BTW, just so you know, Providian and Cap One helped me get into my house. They report back to the Credit bureaus everything, and I mean everything! I have never missed or was late on their payments and it reflected on my Credit report. This is with a credit rating that was hit by a nuclear judgement, 75K level judgement!

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