Why can't I get a card up grad

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Elozonam, Dec 28, 2000.

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    I am currently a minor and I have six cards . But I would like to have a gold or platinum card. I have a perfect credit report dating back 4yrs. And I am about to buy a new Lexus.But I the credit card companies just won't give me a gold or platinum card. what do I do ??? Please help me someone
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    RE: Why can't I get a card up

    There is not much you can do about creditors not upgrading you to a gold or platinum.The main reason why you may not get it is that you may not have a sufficent credit record,and also not enough income to qualify for one.Gold,and platinum requires 25K or more to get it.Also throw this one in.Your FICO isn't high enough for their card standard for an upgrade.
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    RE: Why can't I get a card up

    I'd be interested in knowing what 6 cards you have as a minor. Also, are these individual accounts in your own name? Or, are they joint, cosigned, or are you the authorized user?


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