Why does EX lie soo much!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cyprigirl, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Why does Experian lie soo much?
    They are the most incompetent credit reporting agency ever!

    Again I had another item that when I contacted the company no more verification or contact with Experian.

    Yet today it comes back verified on 6-2001 and the investigation was started in July!


    That is five items now that they have blatantly lied about verifying. The legal department has flagged my file now and every verifification is being done by phone with the companies and 3 of them were removed with two more being done today.

    Once is enough but 5 times and I told their legal department they need to investigate what is going on internally because these are way too many mistakes on a consumers file.

    Anyway Just my 2 cents.

  2. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    Cyprigirl, when you say that the legal department has "flagged your file", what does that mean specifically? And how did your file get "flagged"? I am having the same problems with this company, and you're right, they need to be legally taken to task over their terrible handling of these matters.
  3. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Sue them. We all talk about how tired we are but until they're sued and they have to pay... why should they bother doing their jobs. TUs been sued more (and lost) so they're more careful... or at least with me they've been better.

    I now love when they lie to me, don't do my disputes, input them incorrectly.

    Get your docs together, sue them in small claims court, either get it all corrected in one swoop or go ahead and ask for money.

    They ARE lying and they know it. Experian is the worst, I agree.

    Had a rep lie to me today about I5 being what they rate old derog accounts. Means when you catch up an account you're going to list as derog until the tradeline drops completely. If you keep it open you're derog forever.

    AND, she refused to take my consumer statement over the phone. Nice. Ignored it and wouldn't take it. I sent it in the mail today. I agree, they suck.

    Equifax is one step behind them though. It's been 10 days since receipt of my dispute and nothing's been entered even. If I get a proof of Id they're going to see my face at their office. One rep actually told me I couldn't come down to their office and talk with them. Oh I wish I had that on tape :)
  4. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Because they can! They answer to no one! (GEORGE taught me that)

    They stated the same on mine...that my disputes came back verified on 6/2001 and I also started my dispute in July. Must be a bug in their software or something? Best thing is to wait for the updated copy in the mail to know for sure.
  5. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    Why does EX lie soo much?

    Because they are morons and lying sacks of sh**! That's why.

    I find it so hard for lenders to take what is in their reports for a consumer as face value when so much of it is WRONG.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    UNTIL RECENTLY...CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES refused to accept documentation relating to your account...FROM YOU.
  7. keltexx

    keltexx Well-Known Member

    I have a debt that is listed as transferred/sold and is still reporting as 30 days late. Now the 30 days late listed (the only one for that debt) is in 1995...I am waiting for experian to verify the dates to the buying lender- which is several years later than 1995, and then demand removal-if it was transferred as 30 days late, then why isn't the one and only negative reported on this account showing up as the date it was transferred? ARRRGH!
  8. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Chris, I had to raise enough of a stink that I was transferred to their special services department, last line of the defense before the matter goes to the lawyers. It is really their legal department, but I don't know I may have a slight advantage because I am going to be an attorney and indicated thsi much to their department and that my threat of lawsuit is not a frivilous one, I have all the proof to nail them, they took me more seriously. I still plan on talking to one of their attorneys.

    I am looking into finding an experienced attorney who would file a class action suit.

    Wondering maybe you guys help me out on this, because MARIE is right the only way to get them to correct their ways to hurt them deep in the pocket but a small claims suit would not put a dent in their pockets and it does not seem the FTC puts much fear in them either.

    Some feedback would help.


  9. dtembe

    dtembe Active Member

    I have 3 credit reports from Experian one was run at midnight 7/17/01, second was run at 11:00 am on 7/18/01 and the 3rd was run at 1:00 pm on 07/18/01. The 1st and the 3rd were run by me as consumer disclosures. The 2nd was run by my mortgage broker. The consumer disclosurereports are identical but the one run by the mtg. broker has different information. How could it be at midnight on the 17th one account had a different date of last activity, then at 11 am the next day the DLA changed, then at 1pm the DLA changed back to the same as the one on the repport run the night before.
    Is it not illegal to provide inconsistent information like this ?

    Anyway, since I got denied for my mortgage, I was so mad, that I ran down to the county court house and grabbed the forms to file a small claims suit against Experian.
    Can someone please tell me who I need to sue at Experian (do they have an registered agent) and at what address?
    Also, how do I figure out the actual damages ? I read in FCRA that I can sue for up to $1000 for every violation. Is this correct?
    I have all the receipts of certified mails, copies of letters and copies of faxes along with successful transmission receipts for the last year and 2 moinths.
    Please reply with the information.
    Thanks for all your help,
  10. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    Cyprigirl, thanks for the reply.

    I had thought about getting real aggressive with them, too - I am a lawyer by trade - however, I have been afraid to do so under the theory that I will be treated even worse by them than I am now. I must say, though, that I am at the point where I am ready to sue all of their tails off and cause them some serious legal grief. Too bad a court won't give me attorney's fees for representing myself. :)

    And I believe what Marie and you have said is absolutely correct - the only way these guys are going to pay attention is if they find themselves in very serious legal trouble. Not just a couple of small claims actions, but a federal class action suit, a RICO case, or - wishful thinking here - a federal grand jury. That would get their attention. At least for long enough to settle the case. Then they'd go back to their ol' routine, I am sure.

    Best of luck in your legal studies and career. And, of course, with your continued credit repair.
  11. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    actual damages, costs, atty fees, and 1,000 per violation. If you lost a mortgage I don't know how to figure that... cost of the house? cost of profit on house?

    That starts getting into real money which would put it in US District court which would mean you'd need a lawyer.

    You can do magistrate to get them to take notice and correct your reports.. but honestly, why do we have to bear the burden of time and money to file suit just to get them to do what they should've done already???

    Try to get some money for your trouble and at least your expenses. They might say no, or yes. But I'll admit I'm not going to just cave for deletions unless I truly think they'd litigate... and even then I just might take the chance and take it to court.

    what do I have to lose? I have good cards. my scores suck but I already live in a great house and I have 2 cars that are paid for... I won't suffer if I lose and I love to fight :)
  12. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    by the way, the mortgage broker can't give you his copy of the report... but

    he can write a letter for you confirming the information... you can put it in w/your stuff to experian

    He can testify and he can admit the report once he's testifying... :)
  13. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Chris!

    I think you should use whatever edge you can over EX, because they really started treating me different when I told them my situation. I am giving their legal department a chance to fixed the problems and then I will assess the situation and go from there.

    Regardless, even if they straighten things for me, there are many others who experience this difficulty and the root of the problem needs to be fixed.

    It is too bad about the attorney's fees,,,,, :)

    I am almost at the end of the road.

    Oh, but I was also told that you can have a security alert placed on your credit file at EX that way no one can inquire on your file unless they contact you by phone and verify that you are who you are.

    I went for it because those "permissible purpose" inquiries real kill your score.

    In return, Chris, I wish you well in your career.

  14. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    Cyprigirl - thanks!

    Having read the post from Terry today regarding his success in suing Trans Union, I'm probably going to go the same route he did. Of course, I'll have to do a little bit of legal homework just in case the suit has to go to trial :) , but I'm hopeful I'll prevail either way.

    Will keep you informed of my progress. Take care!
  15. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    I have no doubt that they lie regarding disputes. It's funny how the other 2 CRAs can't verify an incorrect record, but Experian sure as hell can. At least three times I have asked for verification contact information from Experian, and the pricks send me a copy of my credit report and say "Here it is.". As long as FCRA states "reasonably available", that crap will continue. Who defines "reasonably available"? Grrr. They should have to speak with a live person and document their name for traceability and proof or delete. I'm done...........:(
  16. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    It's funny how the other 2 CRAs can't verify an incorrect record, but Experian sure as hell can.

    Mike: It's incredible how the creditor would pick just EX to verify especially when you call them and they can't even pull your name up in their system. Just love it!

    Chris: I wish you luck but I really don't think you will need it. Kick their @#%*! real good!

    I am going to do the exact same thing with Trans Union, I will give EX one week and if they can't wrap it up it's WAR (Especailly with EX). I truly HATE EX, because they are screwing up peoples lives with their BS recordkeeping bogus and "verifications". And their out and out lying!

    Chris, please keep me informed my email is calanova2000@yahoo.com.

  17. chriscraft

    chriscraft Well-Known Member

    Cyprigirl, I definitely will let you know how things work out. I am about to send you an email so you will have my email address, too. Perhaps we can swap "law" stories in our spare time. (Yeah, like we have some!) Write me back if you have the chance.
  18. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Must be to make more money for creditors and insurers


  19. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    They sure as heck arent getting their monies worth are they?
  20. dtembe

    dtembe Active Member

    Thanks for your help. I have filled out the paperwork to file a case in the Dallas County Small Claims Court. I will be filing the case on 7/24/01.
    I faxed a letter to Experian which gives them till Monday EOB to call me if they want to mediate. I put in bold letters that a successful transmission receipt of this fax will serve as evidence that I attempted to resolve this issue before filing a suit.
    Between the last 4 copies of credit reports I have 2 from mortgage brokers and 2 from consumer disclosures, I have come up with 3 FCRA violations. I am going to ask for $3000.
    I am working this weekend compiling all my notes and comparing all the reports I have for the past year from Experian.
    I am not that worried about presenting the case in the court because I know I am in the right and secondly, the case is going to be assigned in the court with the judge who married me and my wife. I will figure out a way to remind him of that :)
    By the way for extra $5.00 I can have a jury trial. I am going to splurge and ask for a jury trial. Hopefully they can also relate to my problems.
    Also, I could not get a registered agent for Experian to file the complaint against, so I am filing against the CEO.
    Anyway, I really appreciate all the information I am getting from this board. I will post updates.
    I have made up my mind that there is no turning back from here.

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