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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bkonner, Feb 16, 2001.

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    This message is in response to JWP's Question.

    No one in their right mind wants to get into debt and have creditors call, and call, and call. In my case I got into terrible financial trouble in 1991 when the recession hit Massachusetts and I just could not find a job. Most employers provide absolutely no security and would let you go to save a buck
    (just look at the recent layoffs, particularly Dell Computer!)

    Over a two year period I had three jobs, in one case the employer hired me while his girl friend tried a new career; when it did not work out, I was let go! I'M SERIOUS! Another employer was in financial trouble, and I lost my job.

    I really wanted to repay my debts, but I couldn't. I thought I was a responsible saver. I had six months of salary saved up, I had a great deal put in the stock market, which I lost when the stock market went bad in the late 80's and early 90's

    In the early 90's creditors were just out of control. They threatened me all the time with lawsuits. I got calls at work and home. They even called my parents; talk about embarrassing! I was getting probably five to ten calls a day. I certainly did not know my rights, though one creditor who I instructed to stop calling me, disobeyed and said I had to send a certified letter each month telling him not to call me.

    I settled with most of the creditors; but I will admit, not all. Amazingly, one creditor, Bently College, who was paid six and one half years ago, contacted me just two weeks ago claiming I never paid the debt. I suspect they were trying to get additonal money out of me above the amount settled. Fortunately I have kept all records and delt with them accordingly.

    I am replying because I am little annoyed with the post of "Question" by JWP. I would like to pose a question to JWP about all the companies who went through bankruptcy, like TWA for the third time. Most did not pay their debts. How about when Bank of New England went bust and thier stock holders lost everything (Including me!)? How about when Sears illegally went after debtors, debtors who declared bankruptcy? I did not hear you complain about them!

    The laws on the books were put their because of the outrageous behavior of collection agencies. I know, I had to put up with them.
    Trust me, I really wanted to pay them, but after how I was treated in the early 90's, screw them! Most were paid, but I am not loosing any sleep because a couple were not.

    PS, perhaps JWP, author of Question, should become a Rabbi. He's is quite the preacher!
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    RE: Why I post here, and what

    Well, said. It isn't that we don't WANT to pay them, it is because we can't because of circumstances beyond our control (layoffs, etc). It kinda sucks. Maybe when JWP gets into the same situation, he will understand.

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    JWP's comment is not worth the

    You dont have to explain to anyone.

  4. joe

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    RE: JWP's comment is not worth

    True, no explaination is needed. But, it is welcomed. Maybe some of these folks on their high horses can read and learn. No one in their right mind WANTS money problems.
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    RE: Why I post here, and what

    sorry,,, but your post is too long to read.
  6. mt

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    RE: Why I post here, and what

    Why bother writing that comment.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: Why I post here, and what

    arteagle is back with NO (l).
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    RE: Why I post here, and what

    I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to say anything.
  9. LKH

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    RE: Why I post here, and what

    Sorry, but no one wants to hear from you.
  10. arteagle

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    hey LKH and george

    i just came back from a weekend trip to mexico. I surfed, caught some fish and drank a bit. I forgot "no one" wants to hear from me. How accurate was your on-line poll?
  11. LKH

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    RE: hey LKH and george

    I'm sure no one would have any objections to "hearing from you" if your posts were of a positive or helpful manner. Some of your prior posts were done in bad taste.
  12. LKH

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    RE: hey LKH and george

    By the way, your post from yesterday was from the same isp. How long a weekend trip was it 10 hours?
  13. arteagle

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    RE: hey LKH and george

    It was just an overnight trip........i live in san diego. where r u at?

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