Why is it so hard to get your

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sandra, Mar 24, 2000.

  1. Sandra

    Sandra Guest

    I applied for just about every card you can think of, even store cards such as Kmart. They say that I can't be approved because I have an insufficient credit history. My dad said that he would cosign for me, but I can't find a card on the internet that allows him to do so. Do you know of any?
  2. Nel

    Nel Guest

    RE: Why is it so hard to get y

    Hi Sandra:

    I know the feeling ;)
    The first one is always the hardest one,
    Maybe this will help... Go to:

    There you can find out which credit cards you
    qualify for instantly.
    Hope this helps.

  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    Don't bother, it's Beevy in di

    Don't bother with this. This is just a click-thru to that Beevy rip-off site that will charge you $19.95 for information you can get for free elsewhere at sites like at www.bankrate.com
  4. Nel

    Nel Guest

    RE: Don't bother, it's Beevy i

    So why don you list the free info then????
    Instead of just talking about it!!??
    You really make me sick, you are no different than Bobby and all the other idiots who post on this board regularly!
  5. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    RE: Don't bother, it's Beevy i

    You need to improve your reading skills. I mentioned in my post that people should look at www.bankrate.com. Here's another one: www.cardweb.com

    As for making you sick, I suggest you take some Pepto-Bismol. And furthermore, I really don't care what you think of me.

    I also noticed that you don't post with an e-mail address. Got something to hide?
  6. Martin Tal

    Martin Tal Guest

    RE: Why is it so hard to get y

    Hey Sandra,

    Visit this site for a free list of
    subprimes with decent rates:


    I got charged $15.00 for the same
    list from a site like this Nel character's
    trying to push. The guys that run
    the site put a whole bunch of free
    info., and they list this board and
    many of the sites of the regular
    posters of this board. As far as I
    know, they operate independent of
    anyone here and are a source of good
    and free information.


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