Why knock USA Platinum & Gold Card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ficofightr, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. ficofightr

    ficofightr Well-Known Member

    Every post I've searched ppl are knocking these no qualification but pay upfront fee cards. Yes, they are not a VISA/MC. They are only catalog cards. They charge you a fee and then give you credit for their catalog. So they rip you off a little on your initial $150 purchase.

    BUT... for someone who has no or terrible credit, the $7500 tradeline most definitely would help. My brother is in that situation. He has no positive TL's at all and is looking at both of these.

    After the initial purchase there are no annual fees. So your $150 credit is only really worth about... say $75 worth of actual goods? That's still $75 for a $7500 TL that reports to all 3 CB's with no further fees. Isn't that worth something? My brother already tried the retail cards (JCpenny's, etc.), Target, gas cards, and got turned down. He's working on cnet'ing his CR but what's wrong with paying a little $ for a nice TL?

    Even if he kept his other credit cards in good standing (dumb, overspending college kid), the credit lines were all < $500 anyways.

    Or take the case of my grandmother who just immigrated here. No credit history whatsoever. I'm doing the secured card route for her, but wouldn't a $7500 TL on all 3 reports help her get larger credit cards sooner?
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    cause they probably don't report lol.. scams are scams.

    has anyone ever seen a tradeline from these scams? probably not.

    you need activity too, so that means you have to use it. Just having a 1 month period item isn't gonna fly when you have to buy a car or house.

    they want to see history, active kinds. You do know that the creditors can report no activity and the reports can show it, just not on the consumer reports we see.

    24 month history with status including "inactive" for each month.

  3. tiger00

    tiger00 Well-Known Member

    1) The stuff they sell is overpriced
    2) It's not a credit card, it's a charge card
    3) You pay up front for the real value of the merchandise, and are billed for thier profit
    4) It had a kazillion complaints against it online and at the BBB
    5) They tell you they are pulling $150 for the application and they pull $179 (look at the reviews)
    6) You can only use it online
    7) From what I understand, their customer service is non existant
    8) It does little to help your credit

    Sorry that I don't have 10 reasons, but 8 should suffice. These folks are as bad as any predatory sub-prime lender. They prey on your bad situation, do nothing to help it at all, and are quick to ding you if you don't pay them, and charge you through the nose. A lot of help that is!!!

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