Wills; estates; and probate in Miss

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Big_Steve, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Good evening:

    I know this is probably not the proper forum to discuss matters of a legal nature such as wills; probate proceedings and estate related matters pertaining to Mississippi but I have learned a considerable amount today in this forum on credit card debt matters.

    If anyone sees this post and could direct me to another forum that would cover such topics; possibly one in which lawyers may participate; I know I cannot seek legal advice but I would hope I could post a comment about a legal matter that I am in at present surrounding my late mother's estate and see if I would receive some feedback from other posters to this forum or another forum that would cover such legal topics. Comments from anyone please.

    Biloxi, Mississippi

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    Try www.freeadvice.com
    They've a "Wills and Probate" thread in the Estate Planning section.

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