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  1. kawanza

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    why wisconsin residents can't get net 1st credit card.
  2. R

    R Guest

    We also can't get any cards from Providian, Orchard Bank, First Union, etc.

    My best guess is that we have rules that are more strict than other states, i.e.- the married credit/property disclosure you see on all applications.

    Try First Consumers National Bank (http://www.fcnb.com) -- They are a good company to work with!

    Good luck,
  3. r--differe

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    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    WI residents can get an Orchard Bank Card. I have one!

    As far as the other ones, WI has very strict consumer credit laws. We have a great Attorney General in Jim Doyle. It's frustrating at times but in the long run, it protects us.
  4. R

    R Guest

    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    Hmm....I wonder why on their website they say you can't? I was wondering if I was looking at the wrong thing because I also know someone who has a Orchard Gold card, but thought maybe they just didn't offer the secured card here.

    I will give them a call to find out. Have you been happy with yours? -r
  5. R

    R Guest

    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    OK, so I'm replying to myself, BUT....I just called Orchard Bank and they offer regular cards here, just no secured ones.

    Hope this helps!
  6. PG

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    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    I have one as well, except it appears they no longer grant new credit to WI residents anymore.
  7. R

    R Guest

    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    I was told by their C.S. rep that they do still offer *unsecured* cards here.

    They're sending me an app. Maybe I'll try it. Still can't apply online though, and they don't take phone apps.

  8. r

    r Guest

    RE: wisconsin--Orchard Bank

    Actually they do offer a secured card although mine isn't. Maybe that's where WI comes in--there are different regulations in effect for secured cards than for unsecured. Maybe they can't offer secured here.

    I've been happy with mine--customer service is excellent-I started out with a low limit but am hoping to get a nice increase soon. I pay my balance in full each month.

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