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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mvfl, Apr 9, 2001.

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    I posted several weeks ago that I desperately need to get an Amex corp card from the company I work for, because I travel frequently. Last year I was declined by Amex when I applied through my previous employer. I've read several posts in the past on this board that companies can and many do contact Amex to back up the employee and get them approved if they are turned down. I just hope that my current company does this, because I know I will not qualify on my own. (My old company did not do that, as they were very small)

    Well, I finally sent the application today and my company will forward it to Amex. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and if you have any inside knowledge of the "inside" at Amex corp card processing center, or any advice, please share!!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Wish me luck-Amex Corp car

    If your company attached a letter stating that you will be traveling frequently AS A REQUIREMENT OF YOUR JOB, and are REIMBURSED FOR ALL OR MOST OF THE EXPENSES ~ IT WOULD SEAL THE DEAL...

    APPROVAL (as long as your own credit report is not full of lates and collections) ~ YOU HAVE TO PAY THE BILL EVEN IF YOUR COMPANY DOESN'T PAY YOU...(like they pay all travel expenses on the 15th and your bill is due the 3rd)...YOU FRONT THE MONEY TO AMEX AND YOUR COMPANY PAYS YOU ON THE 15TH...
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    Re: Wish me luck-Amex Corp car

    George - that's the problem I'm having now. My company pays my expenses on the 15th and 30th. Often my Visa bill is due before the expense check comes. My Visa limit is very low, so not only do I have to front the money before I get reimbursed, but often I have to pay using my Visa check card and it comes right out of my checking account. Luckily, I have a high enough salary that I can afford to do that, but if I have to KEEP doing it I'll never get ahead because I'd keep putting the money back into more travel every time they pay me back.

    I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I know all about how the Amex card works, I've just bee afraid of being turned down. Hopefully my company can get me approved.

    I do have some very recent lates on my report due to a deferred student loan mishap. I am trying to get them removed because it really is an error but I know it will take a few more months. I wanted to wait to apply for the card, but I thought I'd take a chance.
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    Re: Wish me luck-Amex Corp car

    Your employer can add you without you having to provide anything except your name. I'm an employer.

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    Re: Wish me luck-Amex Corp car

    Good luck! You'll probably get the card no problem....but it might come with restrictions (i.e. $5k limit for travel and $500 limit for retail).

    I applied for the card and got it. I had several bad marks on my credit including a $1300 judgment! My card came with restrictions though.....but that was fine. Still got it. And my company has an on-line expense report system and my Am/Ex statements are downloaded into my profile. I can submit an report on-line and mark "Am/Ex Company Paid"...meaning that for each item I pull off of my downloaded Am/Ex statement on to my expense report, my company will pay Am/Ex directly! I love it....I never have to send Am/Ex any funds!!!! My company does it on my behalf electronically.
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    make sure the company pays

    If your company pays Amex directly, you need to make sure the payments department is diligent about it. I used to work for a very large, very well-known corporation that had an expense department bureaucracy. My coworkers were always getting calls from Amex because the company hadn't paid in a timely fashion.
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    Re: make sure the company pays

    My company does not pay Amex directly. They don't utilize Amex's online expense system. I have to pay the bills myself once I am reimbursed by my company.

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