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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greyfox, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. greyfox

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    I have a "prequalified" offer from this bank for a Lane Bryant credit card for up to a $750 limit. Fine print states that I will receive the card unless I am under the age of 18, or have provided fraudulent info. The APR is kind of high, but no more than any other store card, no membership fee.

    I have searched this and other sites on this bank, but info is scarce. Anybody have any information on them? If I have this card will I be able to get another from this bank later?

    Also, I have 4 credit cards (2 Providian, 1 NextCard, 1 DMB) and a Sears card. I am keeping my ratios in the 30% range. Will it help my score to have another store card?

    Thanks for you advice.
  2. keltex

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    Re: World Financial Network Na

    I think that WFNN handles all of the Gap/Limited stores credit cards. I had an Express card with them. Customer service was good and payments posted promptly.Yes, the interest was high-19% or so-which is what it was when I initially received the card in 1991 ( and still had good credit). Recently closed it because I just didn't use it. They did give credit increases, but minimial.
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    Re: World Financial Network Na

    This bank represents Structure as well. They are not generous with the increases. GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy/JCPenny are issued by Monogram Bank of Georgia. These cards are easy to obtain...but the limits are set. Too many retail cards can hurt your score. I went on the notion that the more store cards I have the better..WRONG. Two retail cards should be your max. I suggest the retail cards you obtain should be from the strores you frequent the most.
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    Re: World Financial Network Na

    WFNNB handles numerous Store Credit portfolios. Lane Bryant, Structure, Express, Victorias Secret. .. Mostly "mall type" stores. I am not aware of any credit product such as Visa/MC they offer. Like most store credit the APR is high, but they are prompt in posting payments and provide good customer service. Normally if you are approved for one of their cards, you will have little trouble getting another after a short period of good payments.

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