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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bkonner, Sep 23, 2000.

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    I went to www.worthknowing.com and I don't get it. My report is not right. The report shows accounts that have been closed, mostly student loans that have been sold, but they don't list who purchased them. If I were looking at it as a lender I would think that I defaulted on these loans. The total debt amount listed is $ 21K while my actual total outstanding debts (student loans $ 10,250 and one credit card $ 1,250) are $ 11,500.00. The report says that there are no discharges or liens, but does show two late student loan payments (which I am disputing) of 90 days. It does show a tax lean from 1991, but that was paid about 7 or 8 years ago and shows that it was paid. I have a score in the fair range, yet I make over $ 60K a year. Who do I dispute this report to? I don't think it is Equifax, but I am not sure. In addition, when I go to the "recommendation" section, they suggest only that I pay off my debts and close credit cards I know longer use; buth they are closed. And except for my student loans, which are $ 167.00 a month, and my credit card which was last month's tuition charge that will be paid in a month (no I am not taking any more student loans, I'm just paying it off), I am relatively debt free.
    So here I am with what appears to be bad credit. Who do I go to?

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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    Well at least you got that far. Everytime I try to get my info from them, it comes back and says that my automobile information could not be verified? I think the information is from Transunion, right? I noticed on my transunion report that my car payment monthly amount was inacurrate by $120! Maybe I'll type in the amount on my report and see what happens.....
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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    They seemed very confused about my report too. They claim several things like my AMEX account and student loan are closed. They also claimed that I had too many open accounts that I should pay off and close. I don't know how they came to that conclusion. It seemed to come from my Transunion report, but I have a copy of it which I got a few days ago, and it isn't like the worthknowing report wrt to the closed accounts which aren't really closed.
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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    I checked out Worthknowing.Com, and I couldn't get anywhere with it. It kept telling me my mortgage information didn't match. I had my Trans Union report in front of me when I tried it.

    My daughter got the same message, and she's never had a mortgage in her life. We both tried it with correct amounts and by leaving the fields blank.
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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    I had the same problem. The thing was I had not had an auto loan for 9 years. Finally, after numerous attempts and looking over my Transunion report, I put in the amount of my merchant account loan (LeaseComm)and it worked. Info. on worthknowing.com does not seem to be accurate.
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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    Are there are any entries on your credit report in the name NCO, NCO GREAT TRUST, or CITIFINANCIAL?
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    RE: worthknowing.com confused

    My guess is that the program used to retrieve and display the credit data is not powerful enough to handle all or even most of the cases that may come up. It isn't a subsitute for a credit report, pure and simple.

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